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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Name That Palace

A couple more interesting Roger Clemens facts. Before going to the airwaves to attack the latest book on him, it was stuck in the 2000's on Amazon's best seller's listing. It has since jumped into the top 100. Why do I get the feeling he'd use dynamite to knock out a kitchen wall? With regard to his brother's heart issues, author of another Clemens bio Jeff Pearlman mentioned on The Michael Kay Show that Clemens failed to mention that some or all of his brother's heart problems might have had something to do with his addiction to the Devil's Dandruff. Rocket is making Pete Rose and Barry Bonds seem intelligent...all 8 of the Cleveland Cavs wins this playoff season have come by at least double digits. Don't often see that...Toronto FC host the Chicago Fire today with a 4:00pm kickoff at BMO Field (coverage on CBC). While TFC is unbeaten in six now, they'd be wise to score more than a goal at home, something they've struggled to do of late, as noted by GBVH...Manchester United only need a draw at home with Arsenal to lift the English Premier League crown for a third consecutive year, and record tying 18th time overall (Liverpool). Bank on the win at -1 -130 (yes, that is your PTP). Kickoff is 8am on Setanta...Bert & Ernie are on a boat. Just sayin'...who says when you drop over a billion on a new stadium that you need a big fancy name? The Dallas Cowboys new digs will be called "Cowboys Stadium", or at least until they can get someone to pony up some big cash in this depressed economy to throw their name on it...have a great Saturday, go TFC!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Half an Octopus Away

It went down to the final minutes in Detroit, but a Daniel Cleary goal put the Red Wings half way to another Stanley Cup with a 4-3 win over the Anaheim Ducks. The Carolina Hurricanes went to the seventh game and overtime to down the Boston Bruins in the upset of the round when Scott Walker, who sucker punched Aaron Ward a few days earlier, scored the winner near the end of the first overtime period to put the 'Canes through with a 3-2 win. And speaking of Ward's, this country is a little out of whack when people are discussing whether Ward should be the starting Canadian Olympic goalie because of his performance this year. There's a load of time between now and February people, let it breathe and see who the hot hand is then. Poll question to the right. Have a feeling this one will be heavily slanted in one direction..never in the history of the NBA has a team come back from a 3-0 deficit. How is that even possible?...Jason Taylor has returned to the Miami Dolphins after a year in which he went to Dancing With The Stars, feuded with Dolphins bossman Bill Parcells and was traded to Washington. Time heals wounds, or the Tuna has softened, or getting a guy only a couple years removed from defensive player of the year for $1.5 million is a worthy bargain and gamble. I'm thinking the latter...the first streaker in the history of the New York Mets CitiField spent 8-years planning the deed. is official: Chad Ochocinco is now a Cincinnati Bengal - officially - and will be rocking that jersey this year...Toronto FC: Coach killers. A day after dominating the Montreal Impact, the Impact ditched their head coach John an interview with A-Rod conducted by the great Steve Simmons, A-Rod almost comes off as a normal guy comfortable. If so, look the hell out. A-Rod's constant pressure cooker has kept him from being even better than he is over the years in more than one opinion. And, turns out he's become a big hockey fan...speaking of the New York Yankees, they won 3-2 last night after Godzilla Matsui went yard in the 8th to take the series 2-1. In other Blue Jays news, the hottest selling item at merchandise booths at home games this year, to the tune of 6,000 plus a game over last year: outfits that leave you decked out as an empty seat...when the LA Lakers are struggling to close out a decimated Houston Rocket team, you have to start thinking they're not going to get it done. The Rockets staved off elimination with an easy 95-80 win. Charles Barkley's Denver call, at least for the West, is looking better by the minute. The Lakeshow are going to game 7. Also going to a seventh are the Boston Celtics and the Orlando "Panic", as one caller to the Jim Rome Show dubbed them in honour of their coach, Stan Van Jeremy (aka "The Master of Panic" or M.O.P. as Shaq glossed him)...tonight, playing the Toronto Blue Jays at -128. Good luck, back tomorrow early with your Man United Takes The Title edition.

After yesterday's knockout of 2009, here's perhaps the best submission you'll see in MMA this year, courtesy of SW.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twice in 8 seconds the Pittsburgh Penguins scored en route to booting #8 and the Washington Capitals from the playoffs. More and more, you have to view the Penguinos as the team to beat. They've been on fire since bringing in Dan Bylsma to coach, and if they can take care of their own end, you know the goals will be there...Toronto Blue Jays starter Scott Richmond remembered he is Scott Richmond last night and the New York Yankees won took a pair of second half goals, but Manchester United all but sealed up the English Premier League with a 2-1 win at Wigan. The trophy will be at Old Trafford Saturday and all Man U needs is a draw. Consider it done. The idea that United won't bring back Carlos Tevez is absurd. He's a money player who scores when needed. They'd be better off selling the incredibly talented but even more incredibly lazy Dimitar Berbatov and keeping the younger, hungrier workhorse in Tevez...the Minnesota Vikings open organized team activities May 19th and have told Brett Favre he has to be in attendance if he's to play this season. While you'd think that's the deadline, who knows with that's a Top 10 wrestling injuries, mostly with video. Surprised Brock Lesnar nearly killing himself landing on his head after flipping off the top rope in his last WWE match didn't make the list, but he's well represented regardless...people are funny. ManRam gets suspended for 50 games and suddenly, I've got one guy getting in touch to see if I can swing him a ManRam LA Dodgers jersey...on The Ultimate Fighter last night, Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson faced off in a tennis match. Was scary how two athletic freaks like that can be so bad and uncoordinated at tennis...20,000 in attendance at the Rogmahal last night, on the day the local fish wraps were trumpeting how baseball is back in Toronto? Clearly, they were all wrong. If that's what you're drawing against the Yankees when you're in first, you're in trouble. Maybe it is because Derek Jeter has been out? I kid. That said, looks like Jetes is out for a third straight which if you know Jeter at all, has to mean this injury is more serious than is being let on..America's Next Top Model wasn't Allison? Boo-urns...Toronto FC downed the Montreal Impact 1-0 in their latest Canadian Championship game to go 2-0 before they head to the road. Should've been a load more, says GBVH...back later with your PTP.

Hands down, the MMA Knockout of 2009...around the 38 second mark on this vid.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


How do you like that shirt to the left coming out of the ManRam drug suspension? Classic...Roger Clemens should be working the comedy circuit through North America. He said given the history of heart trouble in his family, it would've been "suicidal to even think about taking these drugs." He then referenced his brother and - wait for it - his stepdad! That's edging out "misremembered" and "I'd be growing a second head out of my forehead" at the moment...Jim Balsillie is said to be looking for $120 million from local, provincial and federal governments to renovate Copps Coliseum and really, why not? It isn't as though a team downtown wouldn't do plenty for nearby restaurants, hotels and parking lots to generate heaps of taxes...Gabe Morency of Hardcore Sports Radio talked of how NHLPA President Paul Kelly lamented the three first round sweeps because of the revenue - badly needed - lost. And suddenly, we've got three of the four second rounders going to seventh games. Coincidence? Maybe. But when Kelly makes an ill advised comment like that, doesn't it make you think?...tonight, the Washington Capitals host the Pittsburgh Penguins in the deciding game of that fantastic series. My money is on Pittsburgh...Ferrari will not be entering the 2010 F1 season unless planned caps on spending are cancelled. I'm not a big F1 fan by any means but know enough they'll get their way...the Tampa Bay Lightening have offered the Toronto Maple Leafs the 2nd pick overall in the June NHL Draft from for Tomas Kaberle, Luke Schenn and the 7th overall pick. Leafs GM Brian Burke not only confirmed the offer, but declined because of Schenn's inclusion...Cito Gaston says for every game you win in May "you don't have to win one in September." Really? If you win one and lose one, doesn't that make you .500? That won't get it done, Clarence. That said, Roy Halladay got it done against a very sub-par New York Yankee lineup last night now that Derek Jeter is on the shelf with the trendy injury of the season, the strained oblique, which seems particularly problematic for U.S. World Baseball Classic players as it has also put Boston Red Sock Kevin Youkilis on the D.L. for 15 days. Mark Teixera can show up at anytime...why doesn't anybody refer to the Chicago White Sox as the "pale hose" anymore? Loved that one back in the Sportsline days with Mark Hebscher...going into yesterday, the Toronto Blue Jays offence had scored 20 runs more than anyone else in the majors and were on pace for 976 runs on the year. If you believe that they'll continue that pace, you believe that you shouldn't take steroids because your stepfather had a history of heart trouble. On May 12th of 2005, the Baltimore Orioles had a 22-12 record, the same as the Toronto Blue Jays had yesterday but the O's were also 16-6 against the division. The O's finished 74-88. I'm not saying the Jays aren't better than the O's of 2005, but a little perspective is in order. They won't maintain that offensive pace, not even close, nor will they play .657 ball for the year...oddest stat of the baseball season: the Boston Red Sox starting pitching is the worst in baseball by ERA yet they float dangerously close at the top of the AL East...Toronto FC host the Montreal Impact in their second game of the Canadian Championship at BMO Field. TFC seems to be rolling, unbeaten in five across all competitions, and Dwayne DeRosario is in fine form. With TFC and the Yankees in town, feel sorry for anyone driving around the Lakeshore...Dallas Cowboys quarterback and scratch golfer Tony Romo failed to qualify for the U.S. Open. Seems somebody told him the final round was being played in December...tonight, playing the St. Louis Cardinals at -113. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A.J. returns to face Blue Jays

First the talk of a second NHL team in the Toronto area, and now talk of a second MLS team? As logical as it might seem in both cases, the idea of an MLS team at this early juncture is too much too soon, but for rivalry sake, would be interesting to see a team in Hamilton or somewhere else close typical Brett Favre fashion, the subject of his return continues to linger like a rotten fart. The Minnesota Vikings remain open to his return...AJ Burnett returns to the Rogmahal tonight and starts for the New York Yankees and Roy Halladay is on the bump for the home Toronto Blue Jays. Could the story set up better for an early season game? Prediction: my Blackberry is going to get a workout...the Cleveland Cavaliers are a perfect 8-0 this playoff season, with every game a comfortable win. Guess when you go 40-1 at home in the regular season, some kind of playoff run has to be assumed...on this day, as the latest book detailing his rise and falls hits bookshelves, Roger Clemens is going to take to the airwaves of ESPN Radio and no doubt say something regrettable...for what it is worth on May 12th, Peter King is already ranking the NFL teams...holy deluge of goals in the NHL last night! The Washington Capitals forced a game 7 - their second in as many rounds - after a 5-4 overtime win over the Pittsburgh Penguins. That matchup might give the game a higher rating in the U.S. than reruns of the 2004 spelling bee. The Vancouver Canucks were up 5-4 in the third but blew it, losing 7-5 to the Chicago Black Hawks...check out the Top 19 post-game (mostly) rants...thanks to a 3-1 win yesterday, Newcastle United looks like they just may stay up in the English Premier League for the upcoming season...Tampa Bay Ray Evan Longoria is on pace to hit 227 RBI. Let that marinade for a moment...tonight, playing the Texas Rangers -144...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cuban don't do Mother's Day

Interesting that Manny Ramirez never failed a steroid test. He had elevated testosterone levels in March and in the process leading up to determining if it was natural or unnatural, MLB got their hands on documents showing he purchased HCG which was enough to suspend. Last Wednesday was to be his appeal but he relented at the last minute. Strange all the way round. LA Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is none too impressed, and wants Manny to address the team, which would go something like this: "until I came, you guys were going nowhere and are now a playoff team. Any questions?"...if the Toronto Blue Jays send Roy Halladay to the bump to face former Jay AJ Burnett and now New York Yankee tomorrow when they're near the top of the AL East in a game at Rogers Centre and they don't draw north of 45,000, consider baseball on life support in Toronto...if Cristiano Ronaldo isn't done with Manchester United this summer because he wants to leave for Real Madrid, he'll be done because Sir Alex Ferguson will want him out. Check out CR7's reaction to being taken off 58 minutes in to yesterday's 2-0 win over Manchester City...former Boston Red Sox infielder Lou Merloni is on record as talking about a meeting with doctor's in a previous spring training where the doctor's showed players how to use steroids properly, though they weren't encouraging their use...Dallas Mavs owner Mark Cuban wasn't feeling the Mother's Day vibe this past weekend as he told Kenyon Martin's mother her son is a thug while walking off the court on Saturday night. I absolutely love Cuban for his open honesty...the Carolina Hurricanes should have let sleeping dogs lie. Up 3-1 in the series, they took a couple shots at the Boston Bruins, including slashing Zdeno Chara, and the Bruins rose and won 4-0 to take the series to a sixth game. In the other game yesterday, the Detroit Red Wings downed Anaheim 4-1 to take the lead 3-2 in that series. Tonight, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Black Hawks look to finish their series with about Aubrey Huff's act after hitting a homer off of Joba Chamberlain yesterday, riffing on Joba's fist pump only doing it right at him as he rounded the bases. Twice. Fortunately, Joba was non-plussed, though I'm going to guess down the road Huff is getting a heater between the numbers...with Yao Ming out for the year, who would've guessed the Houston Rockets still beat the LA Lakers? Figured that series was done. I figured wrong...back with your PTP later. Got some catch-up to do there, in more ways than one!