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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday, November 1st, 2008 - Contrarian Theory?

I have yet to hear a single person - analyst or otherwise - suggest the Dallas Cowboys (+9) have even a hope of even being in the game Sunday. When that happens, almost invariably the masses are in for a shocker. You've all been served notice...four years of Daniel Alfreddson for $21.6 million seems like a pretty fair deal on its own, but the Sens have a lot of money tied up in him, Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley, leaving scant room for other areas of need in the coming years like, you know, a second or third liner perhaps, a defenceman or mayhaps a goalie who can play the position well...Washington Capital Alexander Semin had this to say about NHL golden boy Sidney Crosby: "what's so special about [Crosby]? I don't see anything special there. Yes, he does skate well, has a good head, good pass. But there's nothing else." Very interesting stuff...even Don Matthews, widely regarded as the best coach in Canadian Football League history, couldn't conjure this Toronto Argos squad into a win. Wisely, he jumped ship and went back into retirement...word is AJ Burnett will declare his free agency no later than Monday, and his agent was saying as far back as a year from now that if Burnett was healthy this year, he would definitely be opting out, or so says Keith Law in talking to Prime Time Sports...who would you trust to walk a mile and not get hurt: Greg Oden, or Alex Zanardi?...surprise of the early season Hull City host Manchester United in what should be a great day of English Premier League matches. First place - for now - Liverpool travel to London to face Tottenham...recall Shaquille O'Neal complaining a few weeks back about the San Antonio Spurs employing the "Hack-a-Shaq" strategy in the playoffs last season? Well, guess what the Spurs did to Shaq all of five seconds in to their season opener a couple nights back? Yep, they hacked him again. And the reactions of Shaq and Spurs coach Greg Popovich were priceless...after two spectacular games and two wins for the Toronto Raptors, Chris Bosh is looking like he might be ready for the next level: super stardom...have a great Saturday.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday, October 31st, 2008

The World Series is now over, and the next baseball season is upon us: Free Agency Season. Mark Teixera, Ben Sheets and Manny Ramirez wasted no time in filing and no doubt, will soon be joined by CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and loads, loads more. Even for this Yankee fan, it was a great season where it was hard not to be impressed by the Tampa Bay Rays and their boat load of talent, the plotlines that followed Manny Ramirez, the annual collapse of the New York Mets, the Chicago Cubs remaining losers, the Philadelphia Phillies are champions. It's a long way til February 14th though, when pitchers and catchers report to a few million to burn? Looking for a place in New York? Alex Rodriguez has a place for sale that might fit the bill...check out this Philadelphia Philly fan celebrating on top of a lamp post. Well, at least til another fan lobbed an empty bottle at him...I'm hardly a fan of NASCAR or Formula 1 racing, but those guys pull some seriously hot ladies. Here are one man's Top's been years since the NHL added the OTL column to their standings, and it is just as lame now as it was when first is official, as of January 7th, David Beckham will be in AC Milan colours. Somebody alert Adidas to get their jersey production into overdrive...cannot believe how quickly the Ottawa Senators have become a bad, bad hockey team...Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark was fined by the NFL for paying tribute to his late friend Sean Taylor by "radically" altering his uniform, or at least that is how the league viewed him etching the number 21 in his eye black. Some days, the NFL makes accountants and the Tax Man look easy going...Bud Selig got booed worse in Philly than Apollo Creed back in the day...with that beard he's rocking, San Antonio Spurs coach Greg Popovich looks a lot like Donald Sutherland, no?...Derek Jeter talks. Derek Jeter says nothing. Again...the New York Rangers opened in Europe and a month in, have played at least two games more than anyone else in the NHL at 13, and six more than the Phoenix Coyotes who have only played seven. What was the schedule maker doing when he came up with that? Despite that, they've picked up 21 points. Giving up fewer than two goals a game will help that...have a great Friday.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30th, 2008

An abbreviated RM today thanks to a work conference so no boldface or linkage, my apologies...the Toronto Raptors are one of two NBA squads that have less than the maximum 15 on their roster. Either they know something the rest of the league doesn't, o they're seriously gambling, particularly when Chris Bosh, Jermaine O'Neal and Jose Calderon are hardly strangers to stints on the disabled list...Greg Oden got hurt his first game, all of two and a half minutes in. That's what happens when you're forty and playing as a rookie...have a great Thursday. Enjoy The Office. Back tomorrow with a full update.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

It never dawned on me that the World Series wouldn't resume last night. What a joke. Some enterprising fans have put their tickets on StubHub for prices ranging from $600-$3000 per...the Dallas Cowboys injury parade grows. Add Tight End Jason Witten to the mix with a broken rib, though Witten is talking about playing. Bad idea, Witten. The 'boys aren't likely to win with him at a thousand percent with Brad Johnson at QB, so why risk it with a bye week to follow so he can heal fully for the big run they've got to go on to ensure a playoff spot?...when asked where good friend CC Sabathia would sign, Philadelphia Phillies Jimmy Rollins replied "New York, American League" as if there was no's Jon Heyman picked up on the comment here about Pat Gillick being a winner. Fantastic read here...if I didn't know better, I'd swear reading this that it was April Fool's: Diego Maradona, my favorite Croatian Argentine, is now the head coach of Argentina's national team. No clue how a guy of such a thin coaching resume - and thick drug resume - gets to lead one of the world's best sides...hey, the NBA tipped off last night. Their start of the season is always so under the radar relative to the other major league's, even the NHL, no?...the old saying is everything is bigger in Texas, so of course when the Dallas Mavs are lined up to host the 2010 NBA All-Star Game, they're thinking of hosting it at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium which will hold up to 100,000 for discussing the New York Knicks, one of my all time favs Charles Barkley had this to say: " "I think they have a better coach. This coach probably won't try to kill himself"..50 words women really hate, including one favored by a certain regular poster at RM, namely, well, see here...have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

With the rain pouring down and the Phillies leading, you have to know that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig was praying the Tampa Bay Rays would tie the game so they could halt play, which they did. Of course, baseball rules state that after four and a half innings, the game is official and no way they wanted the clinching game to be decided in less than nine innings. Wonder what would've happened if Tampa was leading? They'll pick it up tonight at 2-2 in the 6th...what's a bigger lock for a baseball playoff birth: a big payroll, or having Pat Gillick as your GM? I'd have to say having Gillick, considering he's done it multiple times with Toronto, Seattle, Baltimore and now Philly. The man is a flat out winner. Of course, in Toronto, there was both at play but that's besides the point...there is talk the Milwaukee Brewers may drop a 4-year, $100 million offer CC Sabathia's way. This could get expensive for the New York Yankees, who would top that I'm sure...there is also talk that A.J. Burnett may not want to be a Yankee, though his agent is wisely denying that. Always a good play to keep the Yankees as a possibility when you're a free agent, even if only to drive the price up...Kellen Winslow might not have played Sunday, but thanks to keeping text messages from a Cleveland Browns staffer that told him to keep his staph infection quiet, he'll be getting paid. Best play he's made all year...Jose Morinho, now coaching Inter Milan, has been talking openly of how he'll one day return to the English Premier League. My initial guess was Manchester City, who are going to be splashing big cash around, with the other clubs more or less out of the mix. But could it be Manchester United? Rumors of that move could be why Cristiano Ronaldo is also talking of staying beyond this year. Shocking stuff. Here's hoping if he does go there he doesn't intend to play the drab style he worked at Chelsea...the NHL is still talking expansion to Kansas City and or Las Vegas? Seriously? Have they looked at the crowds in Atlanta, Florida and others of late? Move there, maybe. Expansion?, anybody still think the Indianapolis Colts are an elite team? That was a beating they took last night...the newest Dallas Cowboy and former Detroit Lion Roy Williams showed up at a Halloween party dressed as a bell-hop wearing a "My Name Is T. Bell" name tag. That is freaking awesome...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Have to say, I'm shocked at the ease with which the Philadelphia Phillies are disposing of the Tampa Bay Rays, who are playing tighter than a snare drum. Not sure what is more surprising, Evan Longoria and Carlos Pena grinding their bats to sawdust or some of their fielders looking like they're sporting frying pans in place of gloves. As for the umps, I didn't know Ed Hochuli worked baseball too, there have been some real curious calls the last couple games. It is 3-1 Philly in the Series, and with Cole Hamels on the bump tonight, the National Guard best get mobilized to Philly, there's gonna be one impressive riot in that town if they close the deal's always a good laugh for me when a guy's wife or mother needs to play public relations on their husband's/son's behalf. So this week, I'm laughing at you, Brett Favre...Patti LaBelle just finished the Star Spangled Banner in a time that a marathon runner would think slow. Her act was a total advertisement for why anthems at sporting events should be scrapped...what is with the World Series players introductions including what country they're from? Annoying...the Detroit Lions and Cincinnati Bengals remain winless after Week 8 action. Still think the Lions have the bads to go the distance wins go, yesterday's was a huge one for the Dallas Cowboys. Sure the offence looks feeble, but the defence looked great yesterday against the Tampa Bay Bucs. That said, don't like their chances facing the New York Giants next week, who have some serious mojo working after tying yesterday's game in Pittsburgh on a snap over the punter's head for a safety and then scored on the ensuing drive after the free kick...lookie here: Guns 'N Roses Chinese Democracy has a bit of news that brings glee to this Toronto FC season ticket holder, David Beckham will be returning to the L.A. Galaxy after his loan to AC Milan, which should be finalized this week. I say "glee" because selling those tickets has brought a healthy windfall the last two seasons...Cristiano Ronaldo has seen the light, and says he'll be with Manchester United next year as well as's a little Monday entertainment: 15 great sports broadcasting bloopers...have a great Monday.

New San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary goes OFF post game yesterday...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday, October 26th, 2008

It took a while to get going, and a wild ninth inning, but the Philadelphia Phillies took game three 5-4 to take a 2-1 series lead...Busy day in Philadelphia. If you've ever been to Philly, you'll know that the homes of the Flyers, Eagles and Phillies are all in the same complex - literally sharing a parking lot. Today at 1pm, the Eagles host Atlanta. At 7pm, The Who is playing the home of the Flyers, the Wachovia Center. And of course, at 8pm, the Phillies host the Tampa Bay Rays in game 4 of the World Series. Traffic should lift by about Tuesday...what do Tony Hawk, Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez and Kobe Bryant have in common? They did a Guitar Hero World Tour ad. In their underwear, a la Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Check it out...St. Louis Blue goalie Manny Legace went baseball on us, pulling his hammy slipping on the carpet laid out for Republican Veep nominee Sarah Palin for the ceremonial faceoff. Seems odd, don't it? Wipe out on carpet, but no sweat on ice?...word is the Toronto Blue Jays are willing to give AJ Burnett four years and $54-million in a take-it-or-leave-it offer. Bank on the latter...there is talk the LA Dodgers will make a two-year, $60 million offer to Manny Ramirez. If you're ManRam, how do you not take that? When your agent is Scott Boras, that's how...surprise, surprise, the Ottawa Senators are looking for a goalie. Shame Ray Emery is in Russia...hey, no PrimeTime Picks tonight. But, a big fan of Buffalo (-1), Pittsburgh (-3) and Seattle (+5). Place your wagers at wasn't easy, but Anderson Silva beat Patrick Cote by TKO last night after Cote blew out his knee...Buffalo Bills QB Trent Edwards is completing 76% of his passes in the fourth quarter. That'll do. Oddly, the Bills are playing their first divisional game of the season this week, and 6 of the next 10...the Detroit Lions have yet to score in the first quarter this season...freaking Penn State. Sour...funny that ten NFLers can get busted for steroids and it's almost a non-story, but one baseball player is even suspected and it is top billing everywhere. Strange...Isaiah Thomas trying to cover up the overdose story and say it was his daughter puts him in O.J. Simpson territory for worst father ever...have a great Sunday.