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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday, May 17th, 2008 - $200 million for Cristiano Ronaldo?

Interleague play is on, and if you're looking to sprinkle some wagers, hit every American League team to win. The AL has gone about .600 the last four years of games between the loops…Real Madrid is said to be ready to offer Manchester United nearly $200 million (Canadian) for Cristiano Ronaldo. I'm sure United is thrilled that that word leaked days before the Champions League final. For his part, Ronaldo admits he's always wanted to play in Spain…the FA Cup final goes this morning on Fox Sports World Canada if you've got it. I'll be stunned if Portsmouth doesn't take the title over Cardiff…from the Department of Odd: when Manny Ramirez reaches 500 homers, a taped message from A-Rod will play at Fenway. All parties know they play for the Red Sox and Yankees, right?...the first place Columbus Crew come to Fortress BMO today. Kickoff is 4pm on CBC…if Tony Romo has in fact broken up with Jessica Simpson and won't be attending her sister Ashlee's wedding to Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz today, I would love to see a bomb drop on those nuptials…separated at birth: Hardcore Sports Radio's Gabe Morency and Bret "Hitman" HartDan Shulman notes that the trio of Dustin McGowan, Shaun Marcum and Jesse Litsch are making 1/6th of what AJ Burnett is making...have a great Saturday.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday, May 16th, 2008 - Hose B Won't Stop Talking

A little Super Bowl flashback gets today's picture of the day. Believe it or not, it is made of duct tape...Proof that the Mitchell Report had an impact on drug use in baseball: MLB is on pace for 1,000 fewer homers this season than two seasons addition to dicey pitching, here's why the Yankees now find themselves in last place: the players who have replaced A-Rod and Jorge Posada have 5 RBI in the last 13 games...thanks to multiple-time Toronto winner Michael Andretti, the Indy Racing League will return to the streets of Toronto in 2009. Always a highlite of the summer...anybody still think Jose Calderon is a pure, selfless team player? Funny that TJ Ford made one comment about wanting to start and was vilified by fans and the media, but the Hateorade isn't flowing quite as much despite Hose B making repeated claims of that and more. Here's the latest. Ford, for the record, never said he couldn't play with anybody. Jose did. Ship him out and now..Mets closer Billy Wagner hammered some of his teammates, Carlos Delgado most specifically, for not being accountable post game...the Memorial Cup gets under way tonight in Kitchener. Call me a homer, but I'm taking the Rangers to win it all. They've been the best all year after all...increasingly, it is looking like there won't be a stadium closing NHL game at Yankee Stadium...the Knicks interviewed a European coach. Yeah, because I'm sure a guy with a bit of a language barrier that those misfits have never heard of would make such a great difference to a team where the former president, GM, coach and NBA hall of famer couldn't get through to them, nevermind he'll face a rabid media in NYC. Great idea. Or not...Pretty Boy Bam Bam scares me. 6 years old? Watch from the 4 minute mark for the good stuff...have a great long weekend. Yes, RandoMango goes all weekend so check back and tell a friend.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday, May 15th, 2008 - First Pizza Flavored Beer, Now Viagara Flavored Ice Cream?

The Phillies Ryan Howard has more strikeouts than total bases this year…separated at birth: Steve Kerr and Leo Rautins…I'm amazed the beating that Sidney Crosby is taking in the media for his yapping every time he gets touched and for diving. Had he had been born in Europe, it would be far, far worse…wonder what Bill Parcells thinks of Jason Taylor being in the finals of Dancing With The Stars?...word is Alex Rodriguez is coming back on Tuesday, and not a moment too soon for the Yankees, who are intent on giving the Jays a run for most inept offence…did I hear right, the Stanley Cup Finals are slated to start next weekend? Terrible, terrible idea. May 22nd is being touted as the earliest start date…is it a Boston thing to go wild in the regular season and look increasingly vulnerable through the playoffs? First the Patriots, and now the Celtics are looking like they've blown their load to impress in the regular season…where else but Japan would you find a Viagara infused ice cream? A whole new way to get cone…Buffalo Bills top draft pick James Hardy pulled a gun on his father? Jeremy Barfield throwing Jesse down a flight of stairs thinks that is over the top...the Dallas Stars saved us from seeing a pair of conference final sweeps, the first since 1992 when Chicago and Pittsburgh did it. I know what you're thinking. Yes, Chicago was once in the playoffs...the Minnesota Twins are the only AL team to never beat Roy Halladay...The Office season finale goes tonight, and it is a one hour effort. I have no doubt Michael Scott sends us into the off season with another hilarious episode in which Toby leaves...have a great Thursday.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 - Joba Rules

First his boat, and now his house. Latrell Sprewell's kids must be eating an awful lot for him to be losing assets at this pace…Steve Nash has an opt out clause in his contract after next season. Start dreaming, Raps fans…John Daly is considering playing the European tour full time. Make of this what you will…the follow-up to SpyGate turned out like a bad sequel. Much ado about nothing...I cannot believe that almost a week after Joba Chamberlain pumped his fist over a strikeout that there is still a debate going on over it. Too often, sports get bogged down in "unwritten rules" and "code". It's not like he did it taunting the other player. If it were up to me, I'd love to see guys celebrate home runs, pitchers amped after a K, football players do flips in the endzone or hockey players slide on their knees. If it entertains the crowd, it is a good thing. Period…Inter Milan is chasing Barcelona's Samuel Eto'o. For the newer readers, that's soccer, and you can expect a good dose of that…ESPN's "Hard Knocks" will be following the Dallas Cowboys through camp this year. With Pacman Jones, T.O., Tank Johnson and Tony Romo on the squad, it'll no doubt be interesting. Here's hoping TSN picks it up for us Canadians…that Wayne Gretzky was in the running for the Leafs GM job isn't surprising. After all, if it is taking this long, you can almost assume everybody is…the perjury charges on Barry Bonds must be on steroids to explode from 4 to 14, though he may end up giving R. Kelly a run for longest wait before going to trial…the Fan590's Bob McCown is moist over Bobby Clarke as the Leafs GM candidate. One thing Clarke would guarantee is that the meddling from Dick Peddie would be eliminated…I may be repeating myself, but the downside of HD: Greg Popovich…have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 - Andruw Jones Ain't Hitting His Weight, But If He Were...

Sam Mitchell is interested in the vacant Suns job. Really, I'm just making that up, praying…Manny Ramirez thinks he's the best left fielder to ever play that spot for Boston. Seriously. He must think cutting a throw from then Sox centre fielder Johnny "Venus De Milo" Damon makes it so…the Tampa Bay Rays are six games over .500 for the first time in their franchise history. And with a load of young talent, I suspect they'll be expanding on that number…yep, David Beckham ain't coming to Toronto. Really should've unloaded my TFC tickets before this went public…Andruw Jones says his performance this year is "eating him inside" which roughly translates to "eating all the pizza and nachos I can possibly cram in between bites of cheese cake"…Mr. Kennedy vs. Snitsky on Raw last night for the "which guy is most obviously off the gas?" crown…that's 0-5 on the road for the Celtics this playoff season. They're going to have to mix in a road win if they intend to win the title. And yes, I know that technically they don't need to, but nobody has ever hoisted the ugly trophy without winning on the road at least once…Barry Zito is one loss away from being in rarified company: the first pitcher since 1998 to lose his first 8 decisions to open the year since the O's Mike Boddicker pulled off that feat…speaking of former O's, Eric Bedard is looking like a lot of things, but the Cy Young candidate of 2007 is not one of them…there is no better word to use than "shocked" to describe my thoughts on the Dallas Stars trailing 3-0 against Detroit. I really thought the Stars were the better squad…canceling Setanta Sports yesterday reminded of that Friends episode where Chandler tries to cancel a gym membership. That, or a trip to the dentist. In the end, I canceled but not after letting them know that channel is worth the $15 a month to me during soccer season, but ain't worth $0.15 out of it…in case you didn't know, Grand Theft Auto IV is out…it ended up taking a little longer than anticipated, but the Kitchener Rangers took Game 7 of the OHL championship and that makes the Belleville Bulls hosts for the Memorial Cup in K-Town..Dany Heatley is now Canada's all-time leading goal scorer for the World's, which is kind of like being the best poker player among your friends at side tables…line of Monday night goes to Sir Charles Barkley, excited about the Hornets-Spurs game tonight: "I'm gonna have anal glaucoma." When asked what that meant, he said "I can't see my ass going to work." are the run totals in the Jays last four games: one on Friday, zero on Saturday, zero in game one Monday, three in ten innings in game two Monday...have a terrific Tuesday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, May 12th, 2008 - To the top, we are red hot!

As predicted in December, Manchester United did indeed close out the championship in the EPL with a final victory Sunday while Chelsea was busy drawing at home with Bolton. Chelsea may have lost John Terry to a shoulder injury and Didier Drogba to a leg injury ahead of the Champions League final in Moscow on the 21st against UnitedSergio Garcia clutched up for once in his life and won The Players Championship, his first PGA win. I'm not sure God saw that as possible…Mike Ribeiro and Chris Osgood were fined for the stick incidents at the end of Game 2 Saturday. Lame…more lame is the number of hockey fans who rail on about other sports like basketball or soccer having divers. NHLers are just as bad, and sometimes worse...Eric Gagne and Jason Isringhausen asked out of their closer roles. Guessing nobody in either of those towns is painting them as saints and their replacements as villains…so we've seen great PG performances out of Deron Williams and Chris Paul, but I'm sure some mental amoeba still think Jose Calderon is better. Word is the Miami Heat are interested in any PG Toronto doesn't want. Cue your scenarios now. And Frank Ziccareli of the Toronto Sun goes where few in the Toronto media have gone before in saying that Calderon should be moved, and more impressively, ignores the weak "good guy" take too many overvalue and points out Jose's got some serious question marks himself. Kudos, is now mid-May, a heat wave would be a stoned OJ Simpson admitted to a friend he slashed up his ex-wife and the waiter. Can't wait for the response from the Juice. If he says the guy "misremembered", would it surprise anyone? Leafs bust Jason Blake wants a trade out of Toronto? He gets my special offer reserved only for the worst in sport in Toronto: an offer of a free ride to the airport...David Beckham has been named to England's squad slated to play a couple friendlies on May 28th and June 1st. Safe to say he won't be flying to Toronto on May 31st to face Toronto scout had this to say on the Jays: "Frankly," he summed things up, "this is a team that is one serious injury away from a disastrous season. If they lose Roy Halladay, Vernon Wells or Alex Rios for any length of time, it won't be pretty." And on the weekend, said injury arrived in the form of Vernon Wells...have a great Monday.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday, May 11th, 2008 - Wells, that does does it Jays Fans

After 1866 games each, Derek Jeter is 49 hits ahead of Pete Rose, and should move past some guys named Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth into second on the Yankee all-time list this year...a busted wrist for the Blue Jays Vernon Wells means it'll be a solid year before he's right at the plate again, and that's if all goes well. It took the Cubs Derek Lee a season plus...New Kids on the Block are touring? I would love to stand outside the ACC and mock the losers going to check that out…so Mike D'Antoni is heading to New York to take over the Knicks. At least he doesn’t have to worry about expectations getting in the way as the Knicks are a ways from having any. After Zeke, as long as he's not getting charged with sexual harrassment and pushing to jack up the payroll with guys who have little interest in playing, he'll be a great improvement. Would've loved to see him in Toronto and Sam Mitchell turfed to make it a year of MLSE changing all their top clubs coaches, by intent or otherwise…it's been 10 days now and I'm suffering from Toronto FC withdrawal...anytime there is a major soccer competition coming, you can expect impressive ads from Adidas, Nike and the like. Nike shows up strong here...after dropping a 63 on Thursday, a pair of 73's have Sergio Garcia fading at The Players Championship. Is anyone surprised the notorious choker from Spain is fading?...Patrick Roy is a candidate for the Colorado Avs head coaching job. The NHL needs this to happen, if only to add another coach that doesn't just speak in's Mother's Day today, be extra nice to your mother today.