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Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Prime Time Picks

  • Jan. 31 - Atlanta Hawks +2 -105 (14-16-1, -$273) - LOSER
  • Jan. 30 - Chicago Bulls/Sacramento Kings U 213 -103 (14-15-1, -$169) - WINNER
  • Jan. 29 - Cleveland Cavs/Orlando Magic U 196 - 104 (13-15-1, -$269) - WINNER
  • Jan. 28 - Chicago Bulls/LA Clippers Over 195.5 -105 (12-15-1, -$369) - LOSER
  • Jan. 27 - Cleveland Cavs -14 -104 (12-14-1, -$265) - LOSER
  • Jan. 26 - Phoenix Suns -4 -104 (12-13-1, -$161) - WINNER
  • Jan. 25 - Boston Celtics -9 -105 (11-13-1, -$261) - WINNER
  • Jan. 24 - Knicks/76ers U 207 -103 (10-13-1, -$361) - LOSER
  • Jan. 23 - NY Knicks -5.5 -110 (10-12-1, -$258) - WINNER
  • Jan. 22 - Boston/Orlando U 192.5 -109 (9-12-1, -$358) - WINNER
  • Jan. 21 - Houston -4.5 -107 (8-12-1, -$458) - WINNER
  • Jan. 20 - Chicago Bulls -4 -108 (7-12-1, -$558) - LOSER
  • Jan. 19 - Liverpool -1 +113 (7-11-1, -$458) - LOSER
  • Jan. 18 - Philadelphia Eagles -3.5 -107 (7-10-1, -$358) - LOSER
  • Jan. 17 - Manchester Utd -1 -110 (7-9-1, -$251) - PUSH
  • Jan. 16 - Toronto Raptors +4.5 -106 (7-9, $-251) - LOSER
  • Jan. 15 - Grand Salami U 57.5 -106 (7-8, -$145) - LOSER
  • Jan. 14 - Manchester United -1.5 -119 (7-7, -$39) - LOSER
  • Jan. 13 - Miami Heat -1 +100 (7-6, +$80) - WINNER
  • Jan. 12 - Detroit Red Wings -1.5 +165 (6-6, -$20) - LOSER
  • Jan. 11 - NY Giants -4 -107 (6-5, +$80) - LOSER
  • Jan. 10 - Arsenal -1.5 +115 (6-4, +$187) - LOSER
  • Jan. 9 - Toronto Raptors -5 -113 (6-3 +287) - WINNER
  • Jan. 8 - Florida -5 -108 (5-3, +187) - WINNER
  • Jan. 7 - Man United -1 -107 (4-3, +87) - LOSER
  • Jan. 6 - NY Knicks -2 -106 (4-2, +$194) - LOSER
  • Jan. 5 - Canada -1 -106 (4-1, +$300) - WINNER
  • Jan. 4 - Philly Eagles -3 -106 (3-1, +$200) - WINNER
  • Jan. 3 - Indy Colts -1 +101 (2-1, +100) - LOSER
  • Jan. 2 - Russia -2 -103 (2-0, +$200) - WINNER
  • Jan. 1 - USC -8 -108 (1-0, +$100) - WINNER

There will be blood

I accept the argument that women's tennis is more esthetically appealing, looks aside. It doesn't have the power of the men's game so rallies are naturally longer. But I don't accept the argument they should be getting paid the same as the men in a Grand Slam when Serena Williams can dispatch her opponent in 2 of 3 sets to win the Aussie Open in 59 minutes as it turned out in a 6-0, 6-3 beating. At 59 minutes, the guys are barely breaking a sweat. Play 3 of 5 and then you can have the same cash. You can be sure that Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal will be earning their payday tonight in the men's final...also tonight, UFC 94 goes from Las Vegas and as mentioned a couple days back, it should be one hell of a main event in Georges St. Pierre vs. B.J. Penn. Penn backed off his "I want to kill GSP" statements Thursday on the Jim Rome Show but was one hell of an interview. Quick question: how was GSP not Canada's Athlete of the Year last year?...Serie A - Italy's top flight soccer league - might be in another gambling scandal as it appears champion Inter Milan intentionally dropped points down the stretch last year to increase the gambling odds on the chances they'd take the title in the end, which they did, resulting in a higher payout presumably for some heavy learn something every day in the sporting world, baseball in particular. Did you know that there is actually a limit to the number of "Type A" free agents you can sign? Each year, baseball classifies free agents as Type "A" or "B" based on their value, and draft picks are assigned for "A" free agents you sign from another team. That is common knowledge I'd guess. But they also have a formula that specifies how many "Type A's" you're allowed to sign in a given year and this time, it is three. So if the New York Yankees even wanted to sign Manny Ramirez or Ben Sheets right now and the players were willing to play for a dollar, they can't because they previously signed CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett and Mark Teixera. I suspect that somewhere, Scott Boras is curled into the fetal position lamenting the loss of his fav bargaining chip, the "Yankees are interested" card...have one last chance to get to a .500 record for the month of January which is pretty impressive after one horrific week this month. Playing the Atlanta Hawks +2 -105 tonight. Enjoy!...see, an entire RM during Super Bowl Week with nary an NFL reference. I'm sure that'll be more than made up for tomorrow. Have a great Saturday, enjoy UFC 94 if you can.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Prime Time Pick

Not sure why I'm loving these NBA total plays like I am, but back at it with a Bulls/Kings Under on 213 -103. Good luck.

Serious Guacamole

How great is that caricature on the right? If you don't agree, you clearly haven't seen who is lounging on Jessica's couch...Shannon Sharpe says that on Super Bowl Sunday, there are enough avocado's consumed to stack them 18 feet high from endzone to endzone. Who figures this stuff out? 2008, there was only one left-handed starting pitcher who gave up fewer home runs, pitched more innings and had a lower rate of walks per 9 innings than the New York Yankees Andy Pettitte. That would be CC Sabathia. Two lefties at Yankee Stadium is going to be a real good thing..the Pittsburgh Steelers faced nine of the top 10 defenses this past season. Translation: they'll get theirs against the Arizona Cardinals who are not a top 10 team defensively...maybe it is just me, but I think I'm looking forward to Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn at UFC 94 tomorrow as much as I am the Super Bowl this weekend. If you get a chance to see UFC Primetime - a three part preview of the fight that goes to each man's camp - check it out on Spike pre-fight today or tomorrow. This is gonna be a war. My money is on GSP, but no result would surprise wasn't looking good for the "under" on 195 play last night at 111 points at the half but thanks to a 29 point half for the Cleveland Cavs and 76 on the half including the Orlando Magic, it was a comfortable under in the end and a 99-88 Magic'll be Roger Federer against Rafael Nadal in the finals of the Australian Open. Great weekend for sports, to state the obvious...I get that TSN paid some big bucks to cover the Olympics, but that watermark they're using on screen is a touch oversized, no? Then again, it is more subtle than the four billion ads they ran over the last year plus telling everyone they had the Grey has Joe Torre's upcoming book been received by his former employers? Not good. Best line on the subject: "David Wells will be named the team nutritionist before Torre is invited back to the Bronx." Hope it was worth it, Torre. No more number retirement, no Old Timers Day, nada. Asked what he'd do if he saw Torre now, Wells said he'd "knock him out"...Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Michael Irvin told Jim Rome that not only will Anquoin Boldin have a greater impact on the Super Bowl than Larry Fitzgerald, he's also a better receiver you may have seen from GBVH yesterday, Mickey Rourke will not be taking on Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania after all. I'd expect Vince McMahon to kill Rourke for backing out over the coming weeks, but the publicity will be well worth it for the WWE...the United States is putting in bids for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup's. Bet on them getting one of the two. The beauty of the World Cup is that you don't even need to say what sport it is. Really, it is the only true World Cup...back with the Friday night PTP later. Have a great day.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Get textually active

Please text "317" (minus the quotes) to 25858 for a Toronto Raptors contest yours truly is trying to win where I'd fly to a game with the team. There'd be a lot of blog fodder out of that...GBVH mentioned that quasi-handicapper Randle the Handle appeared on Fan590 yesterday and revealed a shockingly bizarre stat for the NFL this year. In 256 games, 125 underdogs covered, 125 favorites covered, and there were six pushes. But that is not all! 123 games went over, 123 under and there were 10 pushes. Vegas usually has the splits relatively even, but that is's why the English Premier League is so mammoth: the league has 81 separate national TV deals. These deals bring in so much cash that staying up brings in £26 million to the 17th place side and increases for every spot up to the top. Great way to incent performance, no? One team that won't be getting the top prize is Liverpool who went from first a few weeks back to soon-to-be five points out in second with Chelsea when Manchester United takes care of their game in hand. Wonder if Empties Crushed feels not crushed about that?...add Mike Mussina to the quotables in the new "Joe Torre" book. Mussina says that Mariano Rivera hasn't been the same since the 2001 World Series loss to Arizona. For a guy as smart as he is, Mussina just said something pretty moronic. That's the same Mussina that went 5-7 in his playoff career for the the Yankees. And he's talking about Money Mo? Not sure I've said this before, but Mo is the most valuable Yankee on those World Series teams and since...David Beckham scored again for AC Milan and also left the game injured. I'd put the chances of him staying with LA Galaxy at zero. Oh, and I'd put AC Milan's red/black uni up there with all time best jersey's in any sport...former Tampa Bay Buc Simeon Rice called ex-Bucs coach Jon Gruden a "scum bag," no doubt largely influenced by Gruden sending him packing. Just wondering, are the rest of the coaches who had no use for Rice afterwards scum bags too?...

Aussie Open

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nolan said yes to this?

Not sure how Nolan Ryan, legendary red ass, is involved in upper management with the Texas Rangers, and an abomination like their new bucket - at right - is approved as part of the uniform for 2009...after three increasingly impressive performances from him, AC Milan is willing to pay $8 million ($CDN) to purchase the contract of David Beckham from the LA Galaxy. Memo to the Galaxy: Sell! After all, Beckham can walk after the 2009 season for nothing. Pocket the cash, spend it on other players...UFC is capitalizing on a hot run in the public eye and opening a series of UFC branded gyms in the U.S., complete with octagon's. Finally something for Ken Shamrock to do other than talk about coming back...who wins the Super Bowl of WAG's, Arizona Cardinals or Pittsburgh Steelers? Well, if you've got Brenda Warner on your side, that pretty much has to mean you lose, right?...check out Chelsea's Michael Ballack go "Randy Johnson" on a pigeon around the one minute mark...good of Kurt Warner's agent to wait til Super Bowl week to talk of how his client would be nuts to not explore free agency. The only person that helps now is his agent...for those keeping score, that's four times now that Novak Djokovic has shut it down in a major. The on-court temperature in his loss to Andy Roddick was just under 60 degrees celsius. No's a peak at the all-time Top 10 NFL Defences...ahead of next month's World Cup qualifier, Mexico is hoping to turn around their struggling ways when playing in the U.S. in a rather unique way. One promotion is offering voodoo dolls of U.S. players. Seriously...ESPN's Buster Olney noted that when David Wells wrote a book that gave a few glimpses into the New York Yankee clubhouse, then-manager Joe Torre tore him up for betraying the clubhouse code. Wonder if Torre is chewing out his mirror these days?...back later with your Prime Time Pick.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prime Time Pick

Not sure when I'll get back online today and don't want to see this line move on you. Get down on the Cleveland Cavs at -14 -104 tonight. Another easy cover is coming up.


A recent category called "Losers" on Jeopardy! had this for a $1000 answer: "one second from defeat in the 2008 Super Bowl, this losing head coach threw a hissy fit and stalked off the field." Question: "who is Bill Belichick?". Wow, that's incredible...Tony Romo has the NFL's biggest endorsement deal for Starter. Well, it is a good thing there isn't a product called Finisher, because he wouldn't be endorsing that. I'll stop hammering him and the Cowboys once we're a month out from that debacle in Philadelphia. Wade Phillips excepted, of course..anybody figured out yet how the NFL, NBA and MLB have all talked to varying degrees about economic concerns in the past few months, but Gary Bettman insists all is well in the NHL? Seriously, does anybody believe him? Emperor Nero thinks he's deluded...a full slate of English Premier League action today. Manchester United 'keeper Edwin van der Sar will set an EPL record for consecutive shutout minutes if he keeps a clean sheet against West Brom into the 84th minute today which would give him 1,026...just week's after panning "The Wrestler" as not representative of the business that is WWE, Vince McMahon sees opportunity knock and he tears the door off the hinges: star of "The Wrestler" and Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke will face Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. Genius move by Vinnie Mac given how much pub that movie and Rourke are pulling right now. A genius move by you would be going to see this movie, it meets the hype and then some...under the Department of Bargain: Andy Pettitte at $5.5 million. Granted, he's got the chance to double that with incentives so it is a great deal for both the Yankees and Pettitte if he has a solid year. Pettitte is expected to pitch fourth as the Yanks try to manage Joba Chamberlain's innings. Still would have preferred Ben Sheets, but he's a huge injury Andrei Arshavin Arsenal bound? Sure looks that way...5 out of 6 now for PTP, life is good! Back later today with another winner...have a great Tuesday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Stay classy, Joe

Joe Torre's reputation as a classy guy is about flushed now with a new book coming out next week. How else do explain him cracking on former boss Brian Cashman for not standing up for him after the 2007 season, when Torre had previously and repeatedly said he had? If not for Cash, he'd have been unemployed after he led the Yanks into the toilet with a 3-0 lead over the Boston Red Sox in 2004. Good of him to hammer A-Rod too, the guy who almost single-handedly took the Yanks to the playoffs in 2007 and made him even a possibility for 2008. Let's see what kind of manager he is if the LA Dodgers are minus Manny Ramirez. ManRam's the only reason Torre saw the playoffs last year, even in a garbage division. Stay classy, Joe...the LA Galaxy have set their sites on Newcastle United striker Michael Owen. I'd give that about no chance of happening in the next couple years, and why would they want Owen in any event? He's about as fragile as an athlete can be...current Galaxy star David Beckham, on loan with AC Milan, scored his first with the Serie A side and that will only escalate the talk he's going to stay beyond March...incredibly, 65% of respondants at an poll would rather have Arizona Cardinals QB Kurt Warner lead their team in the Super Bowl than the Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlesberger, leading in every state but Pennsylvania. Count me among the 35% and come next Monday, that number will flip. Warner cannot handle a rush, and it forces him to make bad throws and fumble the ball. Big Ben doesn't rattle that easy, and hell, he can carry a couple would be tacklers if need be and complete a throw...any regular reader here will know I crack on the NHL regularly for being pretty dull to watch overall, but yesterday's 12-11 goalfest in the All-Star game may have been even worse than watching two skill-killing trap teams go at it. Perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh, what with my legendary hate of the All-Star game concept in all sports aside from'd you like that for easy Prime Time Pickin's yesterday? The Boston Celtics dumped 74 points on the Dallas Mavs by the break and cruised to a 24 point beatdown. Have .500 well within my sites and the horror of that second week in January is starting to fade...have a great Monday, back later with your Prime Time winner.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chickens are athletic

Any guesses as to which two numbers are retired by the Miami Heat? If you had Michael Jordan and Dan Marino - yes, THAT Dan Marino - you are correct...ESPN The Magazine on hockey in its January 26th issue: "goals are only a bit more common than broadcast deals."...Michael Vick thinks chicken are clever and agile. I predict cock fighting in the future...good to see former Major Leaguer and full-time white trash John Rocker hasn't learned to keep his hate to himself, going off about a Jew...the Cleveland Cavs are 20-0 at home to start the season. Of course, now that we're talking about it, you can bet they'll lose in the next the NHL Skills Competition, how awkward was that standing ovation for Vincent Lecavalier and then prolonged wait for the introduction of Alexander Ovechkin to egg it on?...last night's Prime Time Pick went sour as easily as the previous two nights went sweetly. Today's pick comes between 3 and 4pm...having trouble deciding what is more lame: All-Star weekends including skills competitions in general, or people who buy All-Star jerseys of their fav week from a fantastic sports weekend with UFC 94 with a BJ Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre main event on Saturday, and then the small matter of the Super Bowl Sunday. Will beat this weekend's it just me, or does Cristiano Ronaldo look really uninterested this season?...that the NHL asks people to pay to watch that Young Stars game is a joke. That was the most awful sporting event you'll see this year, and a half hour of my life I'll never get back...4-1 underdog "Sugar" Shane Mosley whipped Antonio Margarito in the first big boxing matchup of the year. Expect some serious gloating from Cam Stewart on Drive This on Monday - he was pumping up what a great value play Mosley was at 4-1...have a great Sunday.

PRIME TIME PICK: A bit earlier than anticipated. Playing the Boston Celtics today at -9 to crush the Dallas Mavs. Enjoy. Get down with Pinnacle.