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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giants take the World Series

Well that was easy enough, and surprising at that.  The San Francisco Giants rode another strong start - or was it horrible Texas Rangers sticks? - to a 3-1 win last night to take the World Series 4-1.  Hell of a run for the Giants, it must be said.  Ought to be a very interesting off-season, as it always is in MLB, starting with the "award season" and then into free agency, winter meetings...makes the winter go by just a little bit quicker, thankfully.

The Indianapolis Colts exacted some revenge for their Week 1 beating at the hands of the Houston Texans last night with a 30-17 home win.  The Texans look like they can't defend the pass against anybody.

And then, there are the Minnesota Vikings.  Yesterday, the news went from Randy Moss was being put on waivers, to reports it not being true a couple hours later, to finally the official word coming down that he was in fact history.  Four weeks and done for #84 with his first team.  Not exactly the way he or his agent probably hoped a contract year would pan out.  The Vikings are in the running with the Dallas Cowboys for the biggest circus this year, and that is saying something. Not sure which is a bigger disappointment.

Wonder who players think was the best pitcher in the AL this year?  They voted David Price, with CC Sabathia second and King Felix Hernandez third.  I'd bet confidently the Cy Young voting ends in the same order.

If you're a fan of the Toronto Raptors, you may have heard about Chris Bosh treating his time in Toronto as though it didn't really happen, because it wasn't on U.S. television.  Classy.  Love Stan Van Gundy calling Bosh "Dwayne Wade's lap dog".

Weird stat that I've yet to confirm: the winning team of the NFL's game in London the last two games has gone on to win the Super Bowl within two years.  Really.  In 2007, the New York Giants won in London and won the Super Bowl in 2009, 2008 it was New Orleans who of course won this year's Super BowlNew England won the game in 2009 and is every bit a possibility for this year.  San Francisco won this year's game, so you've got that, 49er fans.  Overall, including exhibition games, the London winner is 6-1.  Crazy.

One thing the Buffalo Bills may be able to claim coming to Toronto this weekend: they've earned the worst record in the NFL, given that they may claim the worst player in the game in former 2009 first-rounder Aaron Maybin (11th overall).

Four, count 'em...FOUR...vids to close out the day.  

After hearing "penetration" and "inches", what else could ESPN's Chris McKendry do but drop a "Ben Roethlescock"?

In case you missed Tennessee safety Donnie Nickey going WWE and inadvertently punching a ref, here it is again:

Real Sociedad, of Spain's La Liga, are trying to take a run at those whacky Icelanders for best goal celebrating team.  They've got work to do.

Far more entertaining is anything to do with slingshots, particularly when they fail.  While launching a can of beer.  As the old joke goes: how do you know you're about to go to a red neck funeral?  Answer: when you hear "hey y'all, watch this."


Anonymous said...

Cowboys are a bigger disappointment....hands down. Simply pathetic.

TB said...

I won't argue that they're not a joke, but the Vikes did make the NFC Championship last year (after killing Dallas, mind you) and had their big chase of Favre, added Moss...they're arguably just as much the joke as Dallas is, just not as high profile I'd say (if that's possible with #4).

Me and a Vikes buddy are hammering each other saying our respective teams are worse (he's saying the Vikes are, I'm saying Dallas, if that was unclear).

TB said...

Conclusion: either way you argue, you're probably right.

Anonymous said...

very true, fair enough

bukkake said...

At least being a Bills fan you come in to the season with absolutely no expectations...

I expected them to be shit, and they are takin' care of bidness in that department once again.