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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Capt. Hyman Shocker?

Nothing to do with sports, but what better way to lead off today than with this great pic sent my way by  Bukkake?  Awesome.

Randy Moss is now a Tennessee Titan, his third team in 5 weeks.  They were the only team to put in a waiver claim on him. Good luck this off-season, RM!  Good thing the Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn't do the team affiliation like baseball. Not sure he'd be happy as a Minnesota Viking, and can't imagine any other possibility. What a nutjob.

Speaking of waivers, the Buffalo Bills claimed Shawne Merriman, former San Diego Charger standout. So, now they've got Maybin and Hasbin for linebackers.  What's really surprising about Merriman is he's only 26. 

Jon Heyman at takes a peak at the MLB off-season, now upon us. Good news for New York Yankee fans if Heyman is right, Cliff Lee will be in pinstripes.

There's some things that you really shouldn't venture into when it comes to trash talk purposes, if only because karma has a ridiculous reach. So when Kevin Garnett cracks on Charlie Villenueva as a cancer patient, that's probably one of those areas. Besides, why go there when CV has so many other areas you can crack him on?  George Karl, Denver Nuggets coach and cancer survivor, wasn't impressed.  An NBA player poll had Garnett as the runaway winner for biggest trash talker at 62% of the vote.

If you're Donovan McNabb, pulled at crunch time on Sunday for the Washington Redskins, and your coach expresses concern that not only you aren't that familiar with the playbook for the two minute drill, but that you're also out of shape, and then he brings in the State of JaMarcus Russell for a workout, bet you're not shopping for real estate.

Interesting piece on Monday from Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun on the top two centres for each team in the NHL this year. The Leafs duo of Tyler Bozak and Mikhael Grabovski have all of 8 points so far...combined. That's dead last in the league, and an area Brian Burke needs to shore up badly. 

There are rumblings that Derek Jeter is after six years from the Yankees. Yeah, that'd be a great idea for a guy who already moves like his knees have been dipped in cement before he takes the field.  If I'm Brian Cashman and at the negotiating table, I ask DJ this: "who loses more by you leaving, us...or you?"  No brainer, Jeter does.  He won't get half the money elsewhere, and even less of the adulation.  I'd finish with "here's video of your 2010, and the last decade of plays to your left.  Sign here, here's what you're making for two years." 

While Bobby Clarke was trying to spit out a single thought between periods on TSN, this blog entry was completed entirely. Only slightly exaggerating.

Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports thinks that the majority of people asked would not be in favor of an expanded playoffs in baseball and says three rounds is already too long for the playoffs.  I completely disagree on the latter, the problem is the ridiculous breaks between rounds.  Lose that and you could easily add another round of playoffs.

Toronto FC finalized and confirmed their deal with Jurgen Klinsmann, who has free reign to do as he pleases with the hiring of GM, coach, implementing style of play and so on.  I like it.

I've yet to see a Toronto Raptors game beyond stumbling across it - and even the one a few friends put on at my place was met with indifference and only passing glances - and have to say, my life is better for it.  Word is they got smoked last night. 

This website - Overstream - allows you to take random YouTube video's and throws subtitles on the screen that have nothing to do with what is actually being said, with hilarious effect.  The subject in this one?  Wayne Rooney's almost-departure from Manchester United.

Check out this awesome rant by Florida Atlantic colour guy Dave Lamont.  Wow.

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B. Kennedy said...

The Raptors? They got down by 20 in the first quarter behind a spate of poor shooting and some horrid transition defense. And then, in decidedly unraptoresque fashion, they fought and clawed their way back into the game and narrowed the gap to a single point late in the 3rd quarter. Unfortunately, the bench (led by Hose B, the highest-paid guy on the team) fell apart and Utah had the gap up to double digits early in the 4th quarter.