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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who are you? Who, who?

I'm sure guitarist Pete Townsend of The Who, slated to play the Super Bowl halftime show next weekend, is thrilled to have a postcard (see right) being sent to parents in the Miami area to alert them of his presence. While he was never convicted, he did spend time as a registered sex offender in England for his "internet research".

Scarlett Johannson is hot for Mango? Nice.

With all the overtime rule change possibilities I've heard this week for the NFL, the only ones I like are (1) each team is guaranteed a possession and sudden death and (2) play 10 minutes of straight up football, leader at end wins. Repeat as necessary. Not at all a fan of the college system or anything that doesn't resemble normal play, nor am I a fan of the current system where the coin toss winner wins 60% of the time.

With the NFL season winding down and only one game that matters left, the sporting calendar is going into arguably the worst month or so of the year, at least until March Madness cranks up and then passes the batton to baseball. Can't wait!

Frequent reader Bukakke passed on this great Tiger Woods game. Hours of fun.

Another piece of OHB schadenfreude. This is the same station that brought this awesome call to the close of the game, in case you didn't hear it.

Bill Simmons - The Sports Guy - has a great column up this week where he ranks the most tortured franchises in sports. Congratulations, Maple Leafs fans, you rank #7! Well worth your time.

I've got a nice EPL parlay this morning of Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool that pays about 3.5 to 1. Get on over to Pinnacle Sports at the link above and get in and get your own action down.

Have a great Saturday!

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BronxBomber said...

Shitty 90th minute goal in the Birmo/Spurs match.