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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The big game of the English Premier League weekend sees Manchester United visiting London today where they'll take on Arsenal in a huge game for both sides. The winner will have second place with room to breathe, the loser will have a mountain to climb if they're to take the championship in the end. Check it out on The Score at 11am, in glorious high definition.

Terrell Owens rightly won the NFL receiver of the decade title at USA Today, and left no doubt that he thinks he'd be tops in all numbers - yes, ahead of Jerry Rice - if not for a career dealing with some substandard QB's. Not sure how you win that award by yourself, but apparently T.O. thinks he did. The rest of the all-decade by position series can be viewed here.

The less said about the Pro Bowl today, the better. We'll leave it at that.

With the Vancouver 2010 Olympics less than two weeks away, here's a look at 25 hot Olympians to keep an eye out for. Yes, they're all female.

If you're ever in a pinch and need to chill a beer in 30 seconds, here's how to do it. You're welcome.

So if only 19 of the 53 men on the New Orleans Saints roster are home grown, why is it nobody is saying they "bought" their way to the Super Bowl?

Former NFLer Herschel Walker made his MMA debut yesterday at age 47, and emerged a winner. Said Sports Pickle: Nice win, Herschel Walker. Strikeforce will now trade you for the future Emmitt Smith, D.Woodson and R.Maryland of MMA.

Roger Federer won his 16th career major in a straight sets win over Andy Murray. Bonus points to RF for talking smack of how Great Britain hasn't produced a champion in 150,000 years, and saying his losses to the all-defence Murray were more about him losing than Murray winning. Brilliant!

Great videos here of the top 10 most outrageous sports calls.

There are three groups in the running to buy the St. Louis Rams, and one is said to be from Toronto. Interesting.

Check out these championship rings, starting with Sidney Crosby's Stanley Cup winning ring from last season.

Baseball Prospectus has run its annual projections of what each team will do and there are some interesting developments in the AL West and the NL East especially. Projected worst in the AL and second last in all of baseball? Toronto.

Have a great Sunday.


gbvh said...

Where oh where is the Royal Rumble coverage?

hi said...

As if Prospectus gets anything ever correct..