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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The truth as victim

Anytime a Super Bowl comes around, or football talk in general, you get a lot of military or war type talk. And in war, the old saying says that the first casualty is the truth, the same has to be said of Super Bowl week as the disinformation and misinformation campaign is on hard after word leaked that Indianapolis Colt Dwight Freeney has a torn ankle ligament and is questionable, something the Colts deny. Colts wideout Reggie Wayne, as noted by Don Banks at, said on the sidelines of the Pro Bowl that even if he were on the sideline coaching his team along it would be helpful. So who's right? Seems the Colts are laying it on a little too thick for it to not have some substance to it.

This Super Bowl is the first being contested by teams from non-Major League Baseball cities in 18 years.

Seth Meyers of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update on Tim Tebow's anti-abortion ad: "if he's running the option as a pro, you know he's going to keep it."

According to Initiative Futures Sports and Entertainment, the Champions League final topped the Super Bowl as the most watched sporting event on TV in the world for 2009, the first time that has happened. Frankly, I'd question the methodology if that is the first time as the Super Bowl is mostly a North American thing while soccer has far more global appeal. What's next, they're gonna tell us next that rock has finally eclipsed country music globally?

Michael Vick says he's still a top 10 quarterback. Presumably he means in the NFC East, or more likely, the Philadelphia Eagles.

The famed blue turf of Boise State's stadium is the site of numerous bird deaths, as they meet their demise dive bombing the turf thinking it is water. Awesome.

Ahh, Leafs Nation. Dion Phaneuf isn't a Leaf for even 48 hours and people are talking of how he should be captain. There's a reason Calgary was willing to deal him, and a reason that Steve Yzerman didn't include him on the Olympic team. He may well turn it around and become the elite player he was expected to be, but let's not get crazy and name him captain quite yet. He'll have enough weight on him just trying to meet expectations for his own career, nevermind the added weight of Toronto's media spotlight.

Have a great Tuesday.

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gbvh said...

The Toronto Sun has seven photos of Dion in today's edition. Most of them huge. On seven different pages.