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Friday, February 5, 2010

Kovy a Devil

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Biscotti claims that several NFL teams are struggling to make a profit, which of course will lead to a union response of asking to see the teams accounting books to determine how legitimate this stance is. I'm going to guess that the owners are not happy Biscotti opened his mouth on this one as the labour talks continue. And speaking of, the always thought provoking and occasionally infuriating Jason Whitlock says the talk of a lockout is pure madness and won't happen. "Zero chance" to use his exact words, because guys like Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder and Paul Allen will not allow it. I think he's dead on. NFL Union boss DeMaurice Smith thinks differently, and says on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most likely, a lockout is a "14". At least he's not being overly pessimistic.

Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is one of three coaches that faced both Super Bowl contestants this year, and he offers his breakdown of the game here. He's definitely leaning towards the Colts.

Ilya Kovalchuk was dealt from the Atlanta Thrashers to the New Jersey Devils for forward Niclas Bergfors, defenceman Johnny Oduya, prospect Patrice Cormier and a first rounder in this year's draft. He'll now take on the appearance of a 17-goal scorer but his plus/minus will go through the roof. Can't imagine New Jersey resigns him, not when he turned down $101 million over 8 years already.

The following is graphic in nature. The Wall Street Journal takes Chelsea and England captain John Terry out to the woodshed detailing years of misdeeds, leading up to the affair with former teammate and best friend Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend. Didn't figure on the Journal to have such in depth sporting coverage. If Terry were wise, and there's not much to suggest he is, he ditches the captaincy fast. The distraction to England in World Cup 2010 will be incredible.

The Pittsburgh Pistons? It could happen, if you believe the rumours coming out of Pittsburgh with a new arena on the rise. Can't imagine the NBA losing a team in Detroit, as beaten up as that market is.

Sometimes, it is best to leave the words to "Eighty percent of Canadians think hockey has become too violent, while 20 percent are going to high-stick your nosy ass if you ask another question. Full article, and additional stats from a recent survey are here.

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ts said...

I also just heard in the media that hockey is more violent today. There was never head shots or anything like that in the past. So I guess it must be more violent, you got my vote. HAHA
People make me laugh sometimes. Its always been there, that being said hopefully they find a good way to clean up some of the dirty stuff.

TB said...

Can't say I remember the head shots this frequent back in the 80's or even 90's.

ts said...

The same hit then was considered a good hit. Scott Stevens and a cast of others have to be happy they played back then.