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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Leafs blown away late

Madden 2010 - yes, the video game - has correctly picked the winner of five of the last six Super Bowl's and the latest simulation has the New Orleans Saints winning. So, we've no heard from experts, celebs, and video games. Is there anyone or anything left out? Madden 2010 has the final a 35-31.

If there is a sporting god, this has to happen: Chad Ochocinco says that Terrell Owens will be joining him in Cincinnati. Can you imagine the quotes that will come out of that locker room the next time Carson Palmer flutters a pass out to the sidelines?

Aren't new stadia supposed to help teams with their revenue streams? How then do you explain that the San Diego Padres are thinking they cannot afford to keep local boy and hitting machine Adrian Gonzalez? If you can't keep that guy, you can't afford to keep the team. Period. Gonzalez has been rumoured to be heading to the Boston Red Sox much of the off-season.

If you like rock, be sure to catch Saturday Night Live tonight when Them Crooked Vultures are the musical guest. As an added bonus, you'll get to witness the hilarity that is Kristin Wiig.

Why I think this year and decade are off to a fantastic start: Orlando Magic(ian?) Vince Carter shot 28% for the month of January. Why I think this year and decade are off to a terrible start: "defender" Nick Garcia is still with Toronto FC.

When Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada won their first World Series in 1995, they were paid $5.55 million...combined. In 2010 they'll collect slightly under $62 million.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim manager Mike Scioscia is one of five managers in Major League Baseball history to average 90+ wins a year in his first ten years as a manager.

No-nonsense England manager Fabio Capello decided it best to ditch John Terry as captain after this week's revelations. Frankly, I'd think booting him from the team would be a better move. Now, even as a Manchester United guy, I find it laughable Capello chose the incredibly overrated Rio Ferdinand as the new England captain. He's barely worthy of a spot on the team, much less captain.

The LA Clippers are contemplating Isaiah Thomas as their next head coach and GM . Because they're not already a joke.

As collapses go, last nights 4-3 loss to the New Jersey Devils by the Toronto Maple Leafs in a game they led 3-1 with under four minutes to go was an absolutely historic one.

Looks like Tom Hicks will be selling the Dallas Stars after all. For the North American readers here, that's a serious statement of where the dollars are at when you have a guy that owned the Texas Rangers in baseball and the Dallas Stars in hockey and unloaded both, or is in the process of doing so, and partners with a guy who unloaded the holy grail of hockey franchises in the Montreal Canadians in George Gillette to keep their stake in Liverpool of the English Premier League.

Former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy talks a far bigger game when he's not involved. He thinks the Colts are going to blow out the Saints, based mostly on the Saints last performance. Guess he missed their performances across common opponents:
vs. New England. NO beat them 38-17, Indy 35-34.
vs. Arizona. NO beat them 45-14, Indy 31-10.
vs. NY Jets. NO beat them 24-10, Indy lost 29-15 and won 30-17.
vs. Miami. NO beat them 46-34. Indy won 27-23.
vs. Buffalo. NO beat them 27-7. Indy lost 30-7 (Week 17)
Seems New Orleans had better results, scored more and on average, gave up fewer points.

Is it just me, or did the Atlanta Thrashers pick up not very much in their deal with New Jersey for Ilya Kovalchuk?

UFC 109 goes tonight from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas and it's pretty uninspiring at the top end of the card, with two old war horses headlining in Randy Couture and Mark Coleman. Most impressive? Check out the seating map and how many tickets are $1000 per for tonight. Dana White has to be a genius. Full card here.

Have a great Saturday.


norway said...

Agreed on Rio, but understand it as he got a fairly secure spot on the team. Could give it to Lampard or Gerrard instead, but those two fight for the two CM spots with Barry, Carrick and Milner, and don't think he would lock up a spot to either of those 5. Perhaps, one of the Coles or Rooney?

If he did give Terry the boot he could give it to Upson, but not a whole lot better that one either...

Anonymous said...

I don't think Rio is overrated he's lost a step the last few years no doubt but he was amazing in 2005 and even 2008 when we won.

I would give it to Rooney personally. A lot of pressure but he could handle it. Gerrard doesn't play for England like he does for Liverpool so I wouldn't give it to him.

Just yesterday I found out Wayne Bridhe was divorced from his wife when Terry was banging her. I could understand Terry being stripped for infidelity but why is there so much support for Bridge. He shouldn't even be involved in this situation