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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Silver Surfer

A malfunctioning cauldron at the opening ceremonies, death on the luge track, horrible weather as far as winter is concerned, and now choppy ice at the speed skating oval. A banner start to the Olympics it hasn't been in Vancouver.

Snowboard cross takes two runs and more than 2 hours to narrow the field from 35 to 32. Only the NHL taking 80 games to go from 21 teams to 16 playoff teams in the 80's seems like a worse idea. Had to laugh hearing that tool of a broadcaster Jamie Campbell call a race "totally rad" in a manner that Pinnochio would've found wooden. That said, the races where four race head to head are wild to watch.

With all the coverage between SportsNet's regional channels, TSN and CTV, you'd think they could still find room to get some huge Champions League games covered over the next two days. Not like anyone would want to see Manchester United visit AC Milan or Lyon host Real Madrid today. The games will air on Setanta and City TV, respectively.

Nice work, Tiger Woods, knocking up a porn star TWICE in your bang-em-all tour. Wouldn't that take some kind of potency, presuming of course said porn star - Josyln James in this case - would be at least on the biscuit to protect her ability to work? And you'd think Eldrick might have worked some precautions of his own.

The English Premier League is contemplating awarding its fourth Champions League spot, traditionally belonging to the fourth place team, to the winner of a mini-playoff between the 4th through 7th place teams. In related news, fans of Manchester City and Liverpool are applauding the idea, and pushing for its immediate implementation.

Not sure how women's hockey is in the Olympics with a field of two contenders, three on a good day. Funny that Slovakia, the squad the Canadian ladies pounded 18-0, famously beat Bulgaria 82-0 and outshot them 139-0 in the run-up to the Olympics.

With baseball's Spring Training but days away, the NY Post's Joel Sherman looks at the winners and losers of the offseason. Good news, Toronto Blue Jays fans: you show up on the side of that equation you want to be on.

Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant has scored 25 or more points in 25 straight games. He's still a long way off from Michael Jordan's record 40. "The Association" is back in action tonight after the All-Star break, and ought to be an interesting week with the trade deadline looming this Thursday.

If you didn't know, the men's Olympic hockey team gets it going tonight with Norway the sacrificial lamb (with apologies to regular RM reader "Norway"). Roberto Luongo gets the start in goal. In case you missed Sunday's edition, take a peak there for a hell of a rumor on two teams moving north to Canada.

The only way that proposing to your would be wife on the big screen at a sporting event isn't lame is if she shuts you down, like this girl did to her boyfriend this past Sunday - Valentine's Day - at a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.


BronxBomber said...

With regards to the MSG marriage thing, it was an apparent hoax put together to have some in-game entertainment. They were actors. That's fucking lame.

Can't wait for CL. Thank God for the NBA being back. Couldn't survive another day with this olympics crap.

TB said...

That is f'n pathetic! THAT passes for entertainment? Sad.

the sacrificial lamb said...

No worries, I'm just hoping Canada doesn't cover. Was it -6.5 on that game?

Norway-Canada in curling as well, starting now. Their chances there are a little bit better at least, with their new weapon of distracting the opponent...