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Friday, February 12, 2010

Light that torch, Gretz!

The Olympic opening ceremonies go tonight and I'd be shocked if it is anyone but Wayne Gretzky who lights the torch. While not a decorated Olympian, few athletes are more well known globally than The Great One.

Loved the Toronto Star headline a few days back in the print edition on the new owner of the Toronto Argos, David Braley, also being the owner of the B.C. Lions: "Major embarrassment for a minor league." Check out Damien Cox skewering of the Argos and CFL

Indianapolis Colts owner Bill Polian has taken to the media to blame Sunday's Super Bowl loss on the offensive line and special teams. Guess he missed the terribly conservative game plan coach Jim Caldwell was working, and that for three quarters, the Colts defence couldn't make any plays? Oh, and that ill-advised pass by Peyton Manning that landed square in Tracy Porter's chest. Maybe the fact he forgot Herm Edwards "you play to win the game" speech down the stretch when they yanked starters had something to do with it?

Speaking of people who should never speak, MLSE head honcho Richard Peddie says that Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo is not, as has been rumored, moving to the New Jersey Nets or New York Knicks and he'll stick around to the end of his contract which ends after the 2010-11 season. Peddie would be wise to start working on an extension for Colangelo, though I suspect Colangelo will decide if he stays based on if stud player Chris Bosh stays.

Chelsea and England defender Ashley Cole broke his ankle and is out three months, leaving his fitness for the World Cup in doubt. Guessing Wayne Bridge is pretty torn whether to step in and play next to John Terry who, of course, tapped his baby mama. And how about the break coming during a collision with Landon Donovan, of Everton and the U.S.? The U.S. and England of course will face each other in group play.

Who but the Cincinnati Bengals would look to work out Pacman Jones and Matt Jones, two guys charged with crimes?

And hey, whatever happened to Bigheadedjerk?

Turns out that when you're going onto the ice to play hockey, your skate guards being on do more harm than good.


norway said...

That video reached you guys at last.
Think it was the commentator that said that in his 25 years of active play and 40 years watching hockey he'd never seen something like that... not even when he played in Norway...

TB said...

You mean you had it but were holding out?

bigheadedjerk said...

Still reading, just have been super busy since the beginning of the month.

That video is hilarious.

norway said...

I saw it and immediately thought it was RM material, but unfortunately you don't actually see him as Bambi... Hoped some more angles would surface, then forgot about it.