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Saturday, September 4, 2010

$6.666666666666666 million is not the number of the beast

The Ilya Kovalchuk saga is finally over, and he know has an approved 15 year, $100 million deal with the New Jersey Devils, which is oh so fitting because that averages out to $6.666666666666666 million a year.  Of course, that continues to infinity, but thought one decimal place per year was fitting.  That deal, and deal like it, led to a quick change to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

One baseball man who goes back year's with Cliff Lee says he has no doubt he'll be pitching for the New York Yankees next year.  Me likes.   But speaking of Yankee pitchers, AJ Burnett is a career 22-21 with the Yankees (his great playoff run last year not included).  Over the last 15 years, that's the lowest win percentage among Yankee starters with 50+ starts.  Second lowest?  Javier Vazquez.  They're going to need one of them to show up - at least - come playoff time if they're to win championship #28.

Is the MLS rule that requires a certain number of Canadian players to be on the rosters of Toronto FC, and soon Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal Impact, about to be eliminated in favor of a "North American player" quota?  It sure seems that way based on what TFC GM Mo Johnston is saying, and that only makes sense for a North American league.  Speaking of TFC, they'll be in tough tonight in Dallas what with it (1) being a road game and (2) three key players staying at BMO Field to suit up for Canada as they face Peru in a friendly.

Since August 15th, Derek Jeter is hitting .157, with more K's (12) than hits (11). Not what one would like in a contract year. Michael Kay, voice of the Yankees, said in his radio show that Hal Steinbrenner will make a fair contract offer to Jeter but he won't exceed it or go into A-Rod money or long years and is pragmatic enough that he'd let him walk. Especially given this year, that's a wise play to hold the line.  So if Jeter walks from 3 years and $60 million, is there anyone that offers much more than half that?  Boston?  Doubt they'd even do it.

There are over 50 NCAA football games on tap today. I got in early on LSU at -6. The line has since moved to -9 after word of North Carolina being down a dozen - yes, a dozen - players, almost all defensive starters, through a last minute suspension after some agent dealings. Inside info?  No, but I'll take luck like that. 

Since losing Justin Morneau, who was an MVP candidate until he got his bell rung against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Minnesota Twins have gone 33-18.

Most of the Euro 2012 qualifying went as expected, unless you're France, 1-0 losers at home to lowly Belarus.  But hey, at least the players knew the words to the anthem, a focal point ahead of the game for Les Bleus.  Then there was Portugal.  Good: scoring four goals.  Bad: Giving up four.  Worse: to Cyprus.  Worse still: at home.

Manny Ramirez has apologized - in English, even - for his behavior in his closing run as a Boston Red Sock Love how he praises himself for being such a stand up guy in apologizing.  Guess he forgets that the apology has been due for a couple years now, and that the only thing worse than people thinking you're a quitter is admitting you are.

Here's a look at the eight (alleged) "Code" violations by Washington National Nyjer Morgan in the past week or so.

Former Dallas Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson is picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl.  Good enough for me!

Finally a pair of videos to close things out, from the NCAA.

Another girls cat fight in NCAA soccer.  Sometimes the ladies are more vicious than the guys...

Awesome trick play in the Presbyterian vs. Wake Forest game a couple days back.  How do three guys lose the ability to hear the whistle at the same time?

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