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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day with no CFL talk

So after watching that LSU-North Carolina line go all the way up to -10 from the -6 I got in at, had to be feeling pretty good about the Tigers on Saturday, especially when they rolled to a 30-10 halftime lead.  The final?  LSU wins by 6.  I push, and a crap load of people get smoked by Vegas.

This Toronto Blue Jays on SportsNet One bit is turning real interesting, with senior citizens mobilizing to protest. Guess the younger Jays fans don't really care a bunch.

The St. Louis Cardinals are looking like the first team since 1989 to miss the playoffs despite having three starting pitchers with ERA's under 3.00. That's hard to do.

With Matt Leinart released by Arizona, and so far, his former coach at USC Pete Carroll not exactly tripping over himself to get him to his new team in Seattle, doesn't that say a whole lot about Leinart?

Why is the Red Zone Channel not available in Canada?

The San Diego Padres have dropped ten straight to make what should've been a comfortable run to the NL West title a race again.  What is worse than that is their schedule down the stretch is brutal.  They've got seven home games this week against the LA Dodgers and rising San Francisco Giants, then a 10-game roadie through Colorado, St. Louis and at LA, then home to Cincinnati and Chicago, before finishing in San Francisco.

San Diego isn't the only divisional leader with some big concerns.  The Texas Rangers have Cliff Lee battling through some back issues, and now will be minus Josh Hamilton for a time thanks to some injured ribs.

I'm sure both the state of Ohio is thrilled that LeBron James is picking Ohio State to beat Miami this weekend.

Former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor, now of Manchester City, is positioning his former team as small time relative to City.  Suppose he forgets that relative to his days at Arsenal, his contributions are small time at City.  Of course, Adebayor is also the guy who famously wore an Arsenal shirt in an interview last year, while he was a Man City player. 

Why paraphrase when the source nails it this brilliantly?  In this case, the source is Joel Sherman.  The subject: Derek Jeter.  Says Sherman: "If his name were not Derek Jeter, he already — at best — would be hitting eighth or ninth as the least productive performer in the daily lineup or — at worst — would be sitting a few times a week as the Yankees gauged if Eduardo Nunez could be the shortstop of the future, as early as 2011. But Jeter is so tenured that segments of the media still talk about giving him a three- or four-year extension this offseason at $20 million-plus annually. If he gets anything close to that, it will be based on emotion and nostalgia. And before someone says the Yankees must sign him because, well, he is Derek Jeter consider the reverse: Doesn’t Derek Jeter need the Yankees at least as badly as they need him? Or do you think Gatorade and Ford and the rest of his corporate partners want to keep selling brand loyalty through Jeter with him wearing a Cardinal or Tiger uniform?"

Good to see NFL analyst Dan Hampton, in discussing who he likes in Thursday night's opener that sees Minnesota visit New Orleans, suggest the Vikings need to "go down there and hit that town like Katrina."  Idiot.

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