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Friday, September 10, 2010

For openers, a snoozer...

And with all that buildup, and two teams that averaged 61.3 points (combined) per game last year, what did we get in the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings?  A 14-9 snore.  That said, that game had the feeling that if the Saints were just a little cleaner, they'd have won by 20 easy.  Still, it puts the Prime Time Picks at 1-0 on the year (+$100).  We'll take it for starters! 

These NFL Kickoffs are lame. "I love football...let's NOT watch the game and see Dave Matthews instead!" Nothing against Dave Matthews Band, of course. This time.

Former Dallas Cowboy and Hall of Fame wideout Michael Irvin took black on black crime to new levels with an awesome blast on current Cowboys wideout Roy Williams, saying "I won't take Dallas [to make the Super Bowl] until Dallas has whatever it needs to stop playing 10 vs. 11. And with Roy Williams on the field, they're playing 10 vs. 11.  now, if they put the young boy Dez Bryant in?  You better believe I'll take Dallas."  Memo to Roy Williams: there's only one way to respond to that, and it isn't with your mouth.  Memo to The Playmaker: Jerry Jones on line one.  He's not happy.

Former NHLer Jason Smith is not a good guy. The Calgary resident was arrested after a domestic incident involving his wife and child. I'm sure it was just a big misunderstanding.  Thanks for that one, KDSmith isn't alone though, boxer Floyd Mayweather is adding "domestic battery" to last week's "racist rant".

Who is the guy in this picture at right?  The brother of Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Scott Downs perhaps?  Nope. That's Marilyn Manson, sans makeup and contact lenses. Not sure if this is better or worse.  Again, thanks for sending that, KD.

Chin up, Buffalo Bills fans.  Sure just about every media outlet has you penciled in for the top overall pick in the next draft, but the fine folks at The Big Lead are a lot more optimistic, and if they're right, you're looking at a real solid 6-10 year.

A couple poor results and Carlos Queiroz is out as Portugal's national team coach.  Okay, they sucked in the World Cup too. 

So if the Toronto police are seizing documents from the Toronto Blue Jays pertaining to Roger Clemens days in Toronto, that must mean a one-time Toronto Blue Jay is suspected of using steroids?  In other news, dozens of ostriches still have their heads in the sand...err...I mean...there's nobody in the stands.  10,658 last night, 10,616 the night before at Rogers Centre.

Boston Red Sock David Ortiz says that Carl Crawford will be a New York Yankee next year, or less likely, an Anaheim Angel.  And then there was Cito Gaston last week, saying Crawford will end up in the Hall of Fame.  Some of that has to be related.

I don't know that I'll be betting the picks from the hottie at Hot Tub Huddle - shot in the famous Grotto of the Playboy Mansion - but I will bet I'll be watching regularly.

A trio of videos to close out the day.  Check them out.  Amazing one and all.

Check this guy out trying to catch a home run ball in Oakland a couple nights ago.  15 seconds in.

Check out this incredible brawl between two Asian soccer teams.  Around 1:55 in, after a nasty tackle, it gets on and then about 2:20 in, the benches empty and the drop kicks ensue.  Awesome.

Make the world a better place, slingshot a watermelon into your own face.  Incredible!

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gbvh said...

A's fan could have watched the ball land and just picked it up on the way out. Holy empty.