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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quick one today...

Domestic soccer leagues around Europe are back on their regular schedules after a break in their play for a round of international qualifiers - see NHL, it can work! - with a full weekend of play.  As always, check here to see what is on the tube in Canadaland.

Toronto FC host lowly DC United at 4pm today at BMO Field for what is a 100% must win.  Anything but a win will bring out some serious venom from the faithful at BMO.  Got a good laugh hearing TFC coach Preki calling out fans to bring the noise for 90 minutes today to support the team.  I'm pushing for a rousing rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for Mr. Electricity.  You know: "here we are now, entertain us".  You've gone three games without scoring Preki, you may want to focus on that before worrying about us in the stands.  Here's a peak at the tightening MLS playoff race.

Check out Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis knocking the New York Jets, who they play tomorrow, down a few pegs for their spotlight seeking ways.  Have to say, hard to disagree with Lewis, and that's only partly because he might literally kill you.  You can hear the bit here.  That is gonna be one physical game, of that we can be sure.

New York Yankee left fielder Brett Gardner is the only one in the Yankees starting lineup making under $5.5 million, at around $450,000.  That, friends, is one hell of a bargain.

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gbvh said...

We thought we were shit.
We were riiiight. We were riiiiight.