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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday night football? Sounds fine to me.

Opening night of the NFL.  Still not sure I like the whole Thursday night open, but when it is a juicy NFC Championship rematch of New Orleans and Minnesota, in The Big Easy, hard not to get excited for that.  The last time we saw OHB/FFF in a competitive game, he was repeatedly pounded into the turf by a flying Saints defence.  He'll be having flashbacks tonight I suspect, with a result that is less close than the last time.  Yes, folks, your Prime Time Picks are back, and we're starting with the Saints at -4.5 to cover.

The Mo things change, the Mo they stay the same.  Toronto FC...nevermind. 

Got $49?  If so, then you can have the NFL Red Zone channel for the year.  Get it, you'll love it.  The beauty of Twitter: I went off bitching we don't have it here, minutes later somebody sends me a link saying Rogers is indeed offering it.

Going into action last night, and since the All-Star break, the Tampa Bay Rays are 28th in MLB w/395 hits (1 fewer than Seattle). Despite that, the Rays have scored 98 more runs than Mariners.  Is that efficient, or cause for concern heading into October?

All this talk of how much Derek Jeter will get from the New York Yankees is taking on a LeBron-esque tone for a very non-LeBron-esque player at this stage.  Stop.  Please.

The Big Owe in Montreal may have some competition for worst financial disaster of a stadium.  Seems that Giants Stadium - the one that has been demolished - still is in the red $110 million, or $13 for every citizen of New Jersey.  Aren't publicly funded stadiums grand?

If you don't think pro soccer is a growing concern on this side of the pond, you're not paying attention.  Wayne Rooney's escapades are even getting the interest of Rose DiManno at the Toronto Star, who hasn't met an issue she couldn't preach on.

"We're definitely a playoff team" says Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke.  Well that takes care of that.  Fast forward to April.  That's about as funny as Montreal Canadien Tomas Plekanec talking Stanley Cup, mostly because he disappeared in the playoffs.

Love Terrell Owens cracking on OHB for not being a team guy and being selfish.  Stranger still are these three words analyzing said comment from Pro Football Talk: "T.O. is right."

Solid collection of quotes from the opening week of the U.S. Open (that's tennis, people).

Check out Sidney Crosby taking batting practice at PNC Park in Pittsburgh and hit an absolute bomb.

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gbvh said...

Shocking that Maria Sharapova had no quotes on that list. Chick's got about as much personality as Curtis Joseph.