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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mega 90210 entry...

Here's the Florida Marlins situation, in short (as possible).  For years, the Marlins have cried poor - bad stadium, bad part of town, bad lease agreement that saw them get no parking revenue for example.  They claimed to be a money losing operation and kept squeezing Miami for a new stadium, a squeeze that ultimately worked and a new stadium is being built.  Recently, financial documents leaked that show they're not only nicely profitable and pocketing revenue sharing dollars rather than spending them to improve the team, but they've also collected millions in parking.  Buster Olney (ESPN Insider required) says the government should investigate.  And where is Bud Selig in all this?  He had to have known about this deception.  Guess he's and the feds are more worried about  PED investigations for guys out of the game that used in a time where there was no rule against it than protecting the people who support the team and are taxpayers.  Slimy, real slimy stuff, especially when your read the Marlins are among the most profitable teams in baseball.

For a purported "world championship", the World Basketball Championships sure doesn't have a big feel to it, does it?  Little coverage on TV and in papers, and no buzz at all. I'd wager if you asked 10 general sports fans, 3 max would know where the tourney is (Turkey, by the way).   Of all the team sports, only soccer gets it right on its own. The rest have their biggest stages at the Olympics.

Not sure why SportsNet stays with New York Yankee broadcasts through "God Bless America" in the 7th inning. Less sure why that and anthems remain part of domestic sports.

The European transfer window for its soccer clubs that just closed saw teams spend a combined £325,000, or $526,000,000 (Cdn). Crazy money.

I don't think the NFL going to 18 games will ultimately prove to be backbreaking for players bodies.  If anything, the lack of rest they get in the off season and with two-a-day camps has to do as much damage as anything.  But to hear Jerry Jones talk of how there are provisions in the CBA to go all the way to 22 games seems excessive.  Word is the move to 18 games will see each team play at least a game in a non-NFL market - think London, Barcelona, etc. - and add a second bye week.  The Super Bowl would push to mid-February and coincide with Ontario's Family Day weekend, which I'm all for.  What says "family" more than "daddy's hungover"?

Trademark looks in the NFL.  Yes, of course Wade Phillips blank stare when something goes afoul made the mix.  Not sure how "The Manning Look" didn't make it.  You know that one, the utterly stunned look when something goes wrong.

Almost a quarter of Toronto Raptors games this year will appear on SportsNet One, which isn't available to about half of Ontario homes right now, and more than half of Canadian homes.  This is what is known as providing a public service.  For me, SportsNet One has resulted in Yankee games on TV almost nightly, so am pretty happy with its arrival.

Cliff Lee has an ERA of 8.35 his last five starts for the Texas Rangers.  This is only slightly above his career average ERA pitching in Arlington, Texas.  For those thinking he'd resign in Texas: no chance.

A couple people of former New York Yankees - unnamed - say Derek Jeter's pride will make him insist he get A-Rod money in his next contract with the Yankees.  I know it is only money, and the Yankees could probably triple their payroll comfortably, but that's a mistake waiting to happen.  Jeter's defence his slipping, and so is his offence.  You want pride, DJ?  Sign for two more years, get your 3,000th hit sometime next year, maybe win another ring or two, retire.

Pitch F/X, which among other things, tracks pitchers speeds and locations, only has data dating back to the 2008 for regular season. But, Cincinnati Red Aroldis Chapman's 103.9mph fastball in his debut on Tuesday night was the fastest regular season pitch ever recorded. 103.9? Wow.

Audrina Patridge on Dancing With The Stars?  Interesting.

A whole heap of video here today, and all good stuff.

Up first, check out what Arizona Diamondback Adam LaRoche had played for teammate Kelly Johnson for his first two at-bats.  That's what you do when your team sucks, I guess.  Funny stuff.

A real baseball brawl last night.  Check this out.  Washington National Nyjer Morgan charges the mound, misses with a punch, and gets on the wrong end of a beautiful clothesline.

Another angle here, and Nyjer Morgan F-bombing the fans (not seen) and pounding his chest after getting tossed during a brawl.  Classy.  That said, throwing at the guy for doing something perfectly legal and not dirty is bush.

Oh I like the sounds of this!

In case you missed Roger Federer's "tweener" a couple days back, check it out.


gbvh said...

Dude covering the World Basketball Championship for the Sun had a funny write-up yesterday.
He went out for a bunch of beers with international writers and the Turkish guys were giving him shit for how hard a time the Sun gave Jerkoglu.

Joe said...

The clothesline from Sanchez was pretty funny. I can understand that Morgan would be upset about being thrown at again, but I still think he's got a few screws loose.

TB said...

Joe, I don't disagree there, but they threw at him earlier for a nothing play so to do it again seems like you're looking for that kind of response. The clothesline was brawl moment I've seen since Daryl Strawberry crushed three Jays with killer hooks at my first game at Yankee Stadium.

Joe said...

His crowd-taunting made me think he's a little screwy. I also found out that this guy used to play hockey which explains why he went after a pitcher that is clearly bigger than him.