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Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend wrap

The Tampa Bay Rays, tied for the best record in the bigs, hosted the Boston Red Sox last night.  Big game, no?  You wouldn't know it by the empty seats in the pic at right.  Sad.

The Manny Ramirez deal to the Chicago White Sox is now done.  Manny, ever classy, had his last at bat as a Dodger yesterday and was thrown out for arguing balls and strikes with the bases loaded.  The strike?  Merely strike one.  Way to keep your eye on the prize, ManRam.

Frankie Edgar pounded out a five-round shutout of BJ Penn on Saturday night at UFC 118.  Not sure Penn is done, but a fast, scrambling guy like Edgar is a big match-up problem for him.  In the sideshow of the night, James Toney couldn't even come close to backing up all the junk he was talking as Randy Couture finished him barely three minutes into the first round.

Ahh, Toronto FC.  One game you have me believing you can go all the way if you can just get into the playoffs, a couple games later I've got a fork out for you.  As good as Real Salt Lake is, home draws will not do at this time of the year.

Been a while since we ran a Top 10 list, so here's a Top 10 Athletes Attacking Fans.

On a bit more of a serious note here, interesting project at CNN where they've got pictures taken of New Orleans five years ago after Hurricane Katrina hit and what the same spots look like today.  In many cases, not much has changed.  Pretty sad. The Lower Garden District picture (#21) is hilarious.

One game into the Spanish La Liga season and the talk is already of Jose Mourinho leaving Real Madrid to take over for Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United when he retires. Wesley Sneijder, who used to play for Mourinho, says the thought of returning to England "turns [Mourinho] on".  Weird.
Loving Fox Soccer's weekly EPL roundup.  Check this out, especially Dimitar Berbatov's beauty for Manchester United.
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TB said...

Found video of ManRam's ejection. Pretty telling that Torre didn't even come out to argue. He was probably racing to a phone to tell the GM to get Manny's ass outta town.

Anonymous said...

what does it matter if they're tied for the best record in the bigs, or the worst record?

it's baseball. who cares?

TB said...

People who have names do.