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Friday, September 3, 2010

Money May goes off...

Pittsburgh Steeler legend Terry Bradshaw isn't exactly taking up for his old team in suggesting that Ben Roethlesberger's suspension should be the full six games, and no less, for how he has behaved.  I don't always agree with Bradshaw, but you have to respect he's willing to go out there with an opinion that will ruffle feathers.  In response, the NFL has cut the suspension to four games.

NFL attendance is expected to fall this year, for the third straight year, to its lowest levels since 1998.  Guess the threat of no football in 2012 isn't exactly creating an urge to get to the games.  That, or people are realizing that the sport is a lot better on TV than it is at the game itself.

What to do if you're an NHL team struggling to sell seats?  Put advertising over said seats and make a few bucks that way.  Must make Gary Bettman so proud that his U.S. vision is panning out so swimmingly.

Euro 2012 qualifying gets into full swing with a pile of games today.  Spain, not surprisingly, are the early betting favs to win the tourney, with Germany just behind.  I've got a sprinkle on Croatia today at Latvia.  Should be a comfortable win.

Ever heard of "bubbling"?  It is the creation of a mormon who isn't allowed to look at porn.  Great stuff.

Cheryl Tweedy - aka the wife of Chelsea defender Ashley Cole - has a 2011 calendar.  If this is 2011, it is gonna be a very good year.

Nevermind the rest, but Jersey Shore's The Situation needs his own TV show.  That guy is freaking awesome.  Maybe we'll allow Paulie D to ride shot gun, with cameos by Vinny.  The rest can leave.  Not sure what was funnier, Sitch unwittingly hitting on a dude, or picking up a girl, taking her home and then leaving her waiting in the room while he went and had a bite and a smoke, and then when finishing with her telling her that he had called her a cab and it was time to go.

Nice to see Floyd Mayweather get racial with it in referring to fighting the "midget" Manny Pacquiao, saying he will force Pacquiao to "make some sushi rolls and cook some rice." He also said "we're going to cook him with some cats and dogs."  Have to laugh at his "what the fuck you gettin' a tattoo for if you scared of needles?" bit.

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