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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sh!t on Jaromir Jagr?

Nice work at the right by ESPN in their caption of Alexander Ovechkin's hit on Jaromir Jagr on Sunday.

Heard something about a hockey game tonight. Details?

Boston Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett is living up to his rep as one of baseball's bad seeds. Entering the final year of his deal with the Sox, his contract demands are pretty straightforward: he is insisting he be the highest paid player on the team, nevermind he didn't perform nearly to that level at times. That said, he's been a playoff stud his entire career, and the Sox are going to have to back up the Brinks truck for him, or he's gonzo.

Nice of Manny Ramirez of the LA Dodgers to predict this will be his last season with the Dodgers and Randy Moss to predict this will be his last year with the New England Patriots. Wouldn't it be great if their teams came out and said "yep, dead right!"?

When asked if Roberto Luongo would be the goalie for the remainder of the Olympic tourney, Canadian coach Mike Babcock replied "that's the plan" which also marks the first indication he's got a plan. Best crack on Babcock to date: "what does Babcock know about coaching Canadian players?"

Check out these absolutely amazing pictures from the Olympics so far. Wish I had a camera that could take shots like these.

Not sure about you, but I find it real annoying hearing Cassie Campbell call a play "sick" or talking about her time as a player. The Canadian women's team earned a gold medal shot Thursday against the U.S. with an easy 5-0 win over Finland. The U.S. pounded Sweden 9-1. The women's tourney has been the polar opposite of the men's: predictable, dull, non-competitive.

The San Diego Chargers took the "LT" out of "Bolts" yesterday in releasing LaDanian Tomlinson. ProFootballTalk figures he could land in Minnesota or Indianapolis.

Finally today, Hitler reacts to the Canadian loss on Sunday to the U.S. Incredible finishing line on Dany Heatley. Wow.

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