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Friday, February 26, 2010


If the Canadian Men's hockey team loses to Slovakia, I will think the end of the world is near. Frankly, I'll be shocked if they don't win by five, and then go on to throttle Finland or the U.S. in the gold medal game.

The Canadian Women's hockey team won the Olympic gold for the third straight time with a 2-0 shutout of the U.S. Worst part of the story? Hearing the IOC is sour that the ladies celebrated on the ice, in an empty arena, with some beers, champagne and cigars. How very IOC of them. That said, I could see the IOC chastising them for drinking that Molson Canadian swill.

Joannie Rochette = Man. And I don't say that at all to be insulting.

First Chelsea lost left back Ashley Cole to a broken ankle for three months, and now will be minus starting goalie Petr Cech for a month after he tore a calf muscle. The English Premier League race is about to get even a little more interesting I suspect.

Why is it "women's" hockey but "ladies" figure skating? 'Splain!

How awesome is that Roger's "Mix" channel (396) for seeing what is where on the Olympic coverage?

Cassie Campbell thinks the men's hockey team's failures in 2006 stem from them not taking a group picture with the women's team like they did in previous years or since. At least she's not taking herself too seriously.

The idea that the John Terry Affair won't be affecting the English national team can officially be put to bed now that Wayne Bridge, whose baby mama Terry tapped, has declined a call up to the English team for a friendly with Egypt and openly said he doesn't think his inclusion would be anything but a distraction. Translation: he couldn't see himself not pounding Terry in his smug face.

Forgot to mention yesterday that Okalhoma City Thunder Kevin Durant's streak of 25+ point games ended on Wednesday night after 29 games.

Some Tony Kornheiser gems to keep you busy while he continues serving that ridiculous suspension by ESPN.

The NFL has decided not to punish Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable for smacking around an assistant coach last season and breaking his jaw. Well, at least they weren't waffling on the subject and got around to a decision quickly. Cable would be happy, if not for the fact that said assistant is now suing him for millions.

Have a great Friday. It'll be a late edition tomorrow with a night out in Toronto tonight for the big game. Enjoy. Go Canada!


gbvh said...

Drnking "Molson Canadian" calls for a five-minute major.

I hope they at least they had some sort of cash deal with MC, knowing full well the photos would appear everywhere. Lord knows I wouldn't drink dat sheet for free. Win or lose.

bukkake said...

Was the liquor store sold out of Colt 45?

WTF is with that Canadian womens teams head coach, Melody Davidson? She is like a caricature of a bull dyke. They had to show the pics of the girls on the ice hours later as you know the locker room scene photo's woulda been NSFW. Overheard through the locker room amid cheers...

Coach Davidson: Okay team, enough celebrating. Everyone in the showers (as Coach Davidson disrobes and strokes chin)

Canadian player: But coach, we just got in here from...


Canadian player: But coach, theres big rubber cocks in the shower...

Coach Davidson: Do you want to play on this team next Olympics? Get in the shower and get on your knees!

Canadian player: But coach...


Coach Davidson (to goalie Shannon Szabados): You may have earned a shutout tonight, but Coach is going five hole with her strap on and you aint stopping this one...

Coach Davidson: (to entire team) Okay everyone, I want you to stuff your medals in my orfices. When you run out, borrow the US teams silvers. And tell the fucking
Fin's not to be going anywear with those bronzes yet. Coach Davidson is celebrating tonight...