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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Canadian goalie Roberto Luongo has a 16-2-3 record playing for Canada in the World Championships and Olympics. He'll have to be at this best if he's to outshine the ridiculously in-the-zone Ryan Miller in the American goal.

Prediction? A Salt Lake matching 5-2 win for Canada.

Not sure if Own The Podium meant winning the most golds, but ended up being a hell of a run for Canada in Vancouver with 13 golds going into the final day. The red and white have collected 14 medals in four days.

Chelsea soiled the sheets yesterday at Manchester City, dropping a 4-2 decision that featured Wayne Bridge blowing past John Terry in the pre-game handshakes.

I haven't a clue how anyone finds Brent Butt remotely funny.

Now Bukakke, that guy is funny. His rant on Friday about the Canadian women's hockey team's coach Melody Davidson on the Friday entry was so good I couldn't even post yesterday. At least that's my story.

The Buffalo Bills will not be offering a contract to free agent Terrell Owens. As always, the Baltimore Ravens are the leading candidates to chase Original 81.

Safe to say the Boston Celtics won't be winning the NBA championship this year, not when they're losing to the lowly New Jersey Nets.

Hard to believe Wednesday is NHL trade deadline day, a day when Canadian sports networks forget there are far more interesting things in the sporting world and force feed us all a pile of rumors that mostly go unfounded, because we all really need to see eight hours of Bob McKenzie et al banging away on their BlackBerry's.

English Premier League stats: Burnley has all of one road point this season. Manchester United has benefitted from 10 own goals this year. United will play Aston Villa today in the Carling Cup final at Wembley Stadium in London.

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