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Monday, March 1, 2010


Heading into overtime of yesterday's gold medal hockey game, you'd have had your sanity questioned if you were picking Sidney Crosby to be the Canadian hero as for vast stretches of the game (approaching "all"), he was invisible again. But there he was less than half way through the wild 4-on-4 overtime, working a give and go with Jarome Iginla, who always seems to have big moments in these final games, to beat the U.S. goalie Ryan Miller, who again played fantastic. Miller was named tournament MVP, while Canuck forward Johnathan Toews was named forward of the tournament. Not bad for a guy who barely made the team as the 13th pick. The gold win was the 14th for the host Canadians, the most ever by a host nation in Winter Olympics history. Pretty impressive.

Tough times being Sidney Crosby: World Junior gold medalist, Stanley Cup Champion and now Olympic gold medalist, all by the age of 22. He wasn't impressive overall at this Olympics, but no argument that he's not a winner.

And out of all that, we're now back to the drudgery of the never ending NHL season. Somehow, Detroit is going to play Colorado tonight. Posed a question to several people this past weekend as to if they still believe the NHL product is better than the international game, talent aside. Still waiting for someone to tell me the scrums and fights are more entertaining than what we saw the past two weeks, though yesterday's game wasn't quite up to the level of some of the other games we saw as often is the case with a prize on the line in any sport.

Sounds like the NFL is ready to change the overtime rules. Here's how it'll work: if the team that receives the ball goes down the field and scores a TD, it is game over. However, if they kick a field goal, then the other team will get a shot with the ball to tie or beat that. If they just tie it, then it reverts to the old sudden death rules. A great, great improvement methinks though I still think both teams should get a possession regardless of if the first scores a TD to open OT. The idea will be put to a vote shortly.

What's the biggest threat to the New York Yankees? Aging contracts, says Joel Sherman at the NY Post. Sherman points to the contracts of Alex Rodriguez, A.J. Burnett, CC Sabathia and Mark Teixera, who will collect $90 million in 2013. That's before they re-sign Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera, with Jeter surely in the mix for 2013. Risky stuff as guys hit their early/mid/late 30's and more.

Check out Dwight Schrute's tribute to Canada with his Office pals. Awesome stuff.

Guess Tiger Woods apology a couple weeks back isn't exactly going over well. After all, Gatorade dumped him as an endorser over the weekend. I don't get it - what could be a more perfect fit for Gatorade's traditional cardboard cutout ads of its endorsers? Who is stiffer than Woods?

UFC has been Chuck Lidell and his girlfriend Heidi Northcutt are in a new Reebok online ad working out. Naked. No, seriously.

Have a great Monday.


BigHeadedJerk said...

I actually called Crosby to score the OT winner. He may not have had a good tourny, especially the last 2-3 games, but he does haveaflair for the dramatic. And he delivered...

gbvh said...

I think NFL should have two 7:30 minute halves for OT.
That way both teams get each side (in case there is wind advantage etc.).
The CFL five-minute halves from years back was better than it's current gimmick format, but not sure five would fly in the NFL given some drives are, like, eight-nine minutes long.