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Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a wa$te

I would love to know how much money TSN, SportsNet et al poured in to covering the NHL trade deadline yesterday with probably 24 hours of combined coverage - easy - and almost no deals of significance taking place. I'd have lost the plot if Champions League play was pre-empted for that non-event.

ESPN's Erin Andrews, just named to the next season of Dancing With The Stars, is covered with 100 pictures here, and more than a few feature her ass, which isn't saying her front side is terrible (not even close), but is more a testament to an ass that should have a cape on it, because it's a super ass, as depicted at right.

Be sure to catch Cleveland Cavs highlites of their easy win in New Jersey last night. LeBron et al were pulling schoolyard meets All-Star Game type plays in the first quarter.

The Sports Guy
(aka Bill Simmons) offers up a lengthy view on how to fix the NBA. Love his idea about charging less for season's tickets for every season your team misses the playoffs. Incentive to fans to stay on board, incentive to the team to turn it around. It'd never happen, but a great idea.

I thought Wikipedia was pretty handy. Handier? Ten Word Wiki. Exactly how it sounds.

Peter Crouch with two and Sean Wright-Phillips provided the goals for England in a 3-1 win over Egypt in an international friendly yesterday. Hate to break it to the English, but if those two are prominent come World Cup time, England is in a lot of trouble.

More MLB WAGs to check out. Does this ever get old?

I nearly screamed in horror at the site of a commercial last night for the Brier, starting in a few days. How can you go from the height of the Olympics to them going to your national championship? Does curling ever end?

Have a great Thursday...1 hour The Office tonight!

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