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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boo Crosby?

I get the fans in Pittsburgh cheering Buffalo Sabres and Team USA goalie Ryan Miller during pre-game introductions last night. But there was also a healthy chunk who figured it was a good idea to boo their own captain, Sidney Crosby, who while he won gold for Canada, also happened to win a Stanley Cup for them last year. Lame.

Word is the NFL Pro Bowl will be back in Hawaii the week between the conference championships and Super Bowl for 2011. I'd say that must surely mean they drop the lame idea of flying in the Super Bowl contestants who would've otherwise been in the Pro Bowl like they did this year, but there is very little that is rationale when it comes to the Pro Bore.

Michael Jordan looks set to be the next owner of the Charlotte Bobcats and took the opportunity immediately to play - and lose - a game of HORSE. Somebody might want to let MJ know that being owner doesn't mean getting your competitive itch scratched on the court.

How is it the Toronto Blue Jays have a full page ad for their home opener in the Toronto Star but have nothing to identify the player at bat? If you're trying to build familiarity among fans for a largely unfamiliar team, that is not the way to do it.

99 days until the World Cup kicks off. Pass it on.

U.S. authorities have already talked to New York Met Carlos Beltran about his involvement with Canadian doctor Anthony Galea who was pushing some not approved pharmaceuticals and conducting some blood enriching work.

Longtime reader Bukakke passed on pics of this most ridiculous man cave. Clearly, we've all got work to do to compete with this.

Great story of how Jerry Jones called a restaurant in Indianapolis during the NFL combine last Friday to reserve a great bottle of wine for his staff on Saturday night. Problem was that New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and his crew were in on Friday night and asked for the same bottle of wine, the lone such varietal. Be sure to read the rest. Good stuff.'s Peter King noted that Jones would appreciate such a move.

Check out this chart on how close events at the Olympics were, complete with audio that indicates the closeness. Incredible.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman responded to questions about whether the NHL should shut down franchises who aren't getting good attendance by asking "did people think we should fold the Chicago Black Hawks when the United Center was half empty?" A couple things on that. One, even when half empty, the United Center holds north of 10,000, but that's besides the point. Nobody suggested ditching the Hawks because they were a storied franchise who had run into trouble with bad ownership and management, and who had been greatly supported before. That's far easier to turn around than Atlanta, for example, who have been a virtual disaster since entering the league, and are better known outside of Atlanta than in it. And they're not the only franchise people are suggesting that should be moved that you could say that about.

Have a great Wednesday.

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