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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guess who's back in circulation?

Seth Meyers on Saturday Night Live this past weekend: "Gatorade dropped Tiger Woods as their spokesperson after realizing his thirst would never be quenched."

The Utah Jazz are the only team in the NBA without a fourth quarter come from behind win.

Seems hard to believe that more people watched the 2002 Gold Medal hockey game at 17.1 million (average) in Canada than Sunday's 16.6, what with the game on home soil and the incredible overkil...errr...buildup. The game also pulled a big number in the U.S., with 27.6 million tuning in. That isn't Super Bowl territory, but did top the Grammy's and Rose Bowl, and about 25 regular season NHL games combined.

Seems the Toronto Raptors, the version that is roadkill and can't play a lick of defense, are back. The Raps have now lost four straight after getting hammered 116-92 in Houston. They were minus Chris Bosh for the night and for parts, Hedo Turkoglu (knee) and Jose Calderon (boo boo on his elbow). Shame that trade deadline came and went so quietly.

Tough times if you're a Russian sporting official, what with President Dmitry Medvedev demanding you resign or be fired. The Russians only won 15 medals in Vancouver.

Alex Rodriguez has been contacted by U.S. investigators looking at Canadian doctor Anthony Galea. Galea has been linked to Tiger Woods and New York Met Jose Reyes in the past. Would love to see Woods on there giving his robotic answers.

Toss up: Jay Leno came back last night. The Toronto Maple Leafs play the Carolina Hurricanes tonight. Which is less interesting?

The controversy! If you open today's Toronto Star to page A9 and check out the big picture with Prime Minister Stephen Harper sitting among Team Canada hockey players, is that not - gasp! - a beer in Shea Weber's hand? The horror!

From the "Department of If It Ain't Broke, Break It", the idea is percolating of adding teams to the NCAA March Madness tournament. Why would you mess with a perfect 64 teamer that grabs peoples attentions like few other events? 96 teams is a bad, bad idea.

LeBron James has made his desire to move to #6 official. Does that make owning his #23 in Cleveland Cavs colours a good idea, or a bad one? One thing for sure: I wouldn't want to be buying a Cavs jersey with #6 and "James" on the back just yet.

Rocker Liam Gallagher thinks there is a correlation between the fortunes of his former band, Oasis, and the on-field performance of his beloved Manchester City. When Oasis was up, City was down, and now that Oasis is done, City is climbing. Funny stuff.

Could the successful use of the three points system in the Olympic hockey tourney cause the NHL to see the light and move that way? Doubtful. The far more logical Olympic version sees three points for a regulation winner, along with the 2+1 for overtime/shootout.

Have a great Tuesday.


B. Kennedy said...

I can't believe Jose sat out a game for that. A scratch on his elbow. There truly is very little that separates Wince and Jose's fans, now there's little that separates the two as players.

Mind you, Marcus Banks played a hell of a game last night.

ROTR said...

Don't know where you got the numbers TB, perhaps total viewers for 2002, 26.5 mil tuned into a portion of the 2010 game. 2002 only averaged just over 10 mil.

gbvh said...

^ i know the star had a list at the right of its article yesterday (or the day before?).
where it mentioned 17-something mill for the 2002 game.

found it ... is a little confusing with the "CTV" mention . . . but it sounds pretty firm on the 17mill average for 2002:



Average number of Canadians who tuned into gold-medal hockey game on CTV


Percentage of Canadians who tuned in to see at least part of the hockey game


Average audience size for gold-medal game on NBC


Average audience for 2002 gold-medal final in Salt Lake between Canada and the U.S.

ROTR said...

Thanks gbvh. Talk about mixed up reporting.