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Monday, January 18, 2010


Pretty obvious why I went with that as the picture of the day, no? If not, check out #74's name and the title above.

What a beatdown in Minnesota yesterday. The Dallas offensive line was as stout as Haitian architecture and it is a wonder Tony Romo is able to walk after that pounding. After three solid but ultimately wasted drives for the Cowboys to open the game, it was all Vikes the rest of the way and a 34-3 final. Personal hell for this hater of #4. Here's hoping the New Orleans Saints save the day next weekend.

Jim Nantzzzzz, Phil Simmszzzzz, Mark Sanchezzzzz and Phillip Riverszzzzz conspired for a very dull game in San Diego for the most part, though the end result that saw the New York Jets win 17-14 is sure a stunner, until you remember that it is the San Diego Chargers and playoff flameouts are synonymous with them. Pretty sure that LaDanian Tomlinson's days as a Bolt are done and he'll have to take his Electric Glide elsewhere.

Norv Turner and Wade Phillips, as losers of the games yesterday, will go on to coach the Pro Bowl on January 31st. What are the odds both are unemployed by then? Pretty fair chance, no?

Both championship games next weekend will be played in domes. Lame.

The AHL all-star "Classic" goes the next two nights on TSN. Two? As if all-star games weren't joke enough, two nights for a minor league all-star game? What's the MVP get, best seat on the bus for his team the rest of the year?

If you haven't seen this goal from the East Coast Hockey League, prepare to see the best goal you'll see this year, if not ever. Pure artistry on the ice.

I don't "believe" that the "Believe" Olympic ads are overexposed, I know it. Enough already. And how many people do you figure blew by the front page of the Toronto Star's Sports section this morning with figure skating and snow boarding getting the entire page?

Did I read right, a 22-point win for the Toronto Raptors over the Dallas Mavericks? Can't be true, can it? Bad day for Dallas in multiple sports.

Have a great Monday.


gbvh said...

These playoffs have sucked ass.
One entertaining game out of eight.
And watching playoff games in domes just ain't as fun as watching players have to deal with the cold/snow when the likes of Pittsburgh, New England etc. are in it.

bukkake said...

not often I agree with you but hard to argue your points here, GBVH.

Domes are awful and the game quality thus far has stunk. Anyone else getting the feeling we are heading for a crappy Superbowl?