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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

39 shots?

Says Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun via Twitter: "The NBA, MLB and NFL all gave 1 mill to Haiti. The NHL only gave 100,000. The reason - they already donated to the disaster in Phoenix." Awesome stuff. Love Simmons.

In ESPN The Magazine, an article on the NHL's concussion issue says that hockey players are five times more likely to suffer a concussion than an NFLer. What is the NHL's policy on returning to a game after a head injury again? Oh, nevermind.

For all the big names mentioned as potential head coaches of the Buffalo Bills, that the rumor is they're going to hire Chan Gailey is pretty underwhelming, to say the least. Most won't remember Gailey, but he was the in-over-his-head coach that once had the Dallas Cowboys job. Decent offensive co-ordinator, but hardly a guy that will inspire the best and brightest to head to Western New York. Typical Bills. Go for the cheap hire rather than the powerhouse hire. This ought to sell almost no tickets.

A producer at the CBC was suspended for criticizing Don Cherry on his Twitter account. Absolutely ridiculous that they'll take up for a xenophobe - among other "phobes" - and dinosaur who is living on the public teet.

Golden State Warrior Monta Ellis took 39 shots in the Warriors 114-97 win over the Chicago Bulls yesterday. Guess when Ellis was hitting shots like these last week in New York in practice, he's going to feel pretty good about his stroke. Seriously, be sure to check the video out.

15 hotties in NFL jersey's, some which will be familiar to you. Kendra Wilkinson first? Don't think so.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig is of the opinion that the steroid era is dead and buried at this point thanks to several revelations of guys who used, and some testing that has nailed guys at the highest levels and profiles. Except for one thing, as pointed out by Roy Johnson at Selig hasn't come clean with the owners knowledge of the use of performance enhancing drugs. Helluva point, Roy.

The world is filled with bad people and bad actions, but I didn't realize a guy simply chanting "J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!" was arrest worthy like it was Sunday in San Diego. Pathetic.


bukkake said...

Chan Fucking Gailey.

Are you fucking kidding me?

I am so pissed off right now it's stupid. The futlity shall continue for the forseeable future in B-Lo.

Chan Gailey? Rich Kotite didnt answer his phone? Barry Switzer wouldnt leave his TV gig (or was he just busy playing with a ball in a corner?)? Cam Cameron wanted more than the minimum wage old man Wilson was offering?

It's fucking pathetic. At least go find some 27 year old high school coach in Kansas that just lead his team to state semifinals. Pay him $20 an hour with free room and board. We can then at least have a lottery tickets chance that we are getting the next Vince Lombardi instead of another fucking retread.

For fuck sakes Ralph, give us something to cheer about before you fucking die and the team goes to Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

That guy yelling, "Attica, Attica!!"
was awesome.