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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Light up the Old Has Been!

Ignoring that Dallas historically owns Old Has Been (9-2 against him in his career), and that the Old Has Been typically fades come playoff time, I still think Dallas has too much for the Vikes to handle. D-Ware and the rest ought to hammer a soft protection on the Old Has Been and drive his immobile self into the turf at will. Best stat though? Dallas hasn't given up 100 yards rushing to anyone this year, and if they can keep that pace, and the corners keep locking down like they have, then they'll have a field day here. Cowboys, and big. I suspect it comes in right around 46 with a 30-17 score, which could set into motion a permanent retirement by the Old Has Been.

Love the Bolts. I think the Jets had a good dose of luck to make the playoffs, and then rode a great matchup to a Wild Card win, despite their great D and rushing game. The Bolts are playing as well as anyone right now, both sides of the ball, and if they can force Sanchez to have to make a play or three, they'll capitalize on his mistake prone ways. Rivers and his receivers will need to have a good day, but they've had a lot of good days the last two months and change. I think the Jets have exceeded their expectations. 2 road games in a row is tough and this is not a good match-up for their rookie QB. If the Chargers get out front early, this one will get ugly. Chargers 36-14.

The New Orleans Saints put to rest the idea that they were flatlining in a total beatdown of the Arizona Cardinals. Reggie Bush had perhaps his best game as a pro, and Drew Brees was his typically impressive self. How awesome was that hit on Kurt Warner? In the end, a 45-14 win for the Saints, who will host the NFC Championship game next Sunday against the Dallas/Minnesota winner.

The Indianapolis Colts took care of the bumbling Baltimore Ravens with ease yesterday, and had a little help from the referee's who would make a call for Indy but not call the same thing for Baltimore. That interception by Ed Reed called off for roughing the passer when Peyton Manning was barely touched, and certainly not excessively late, was a joke. It was a 20-3 Colts win.

The Sports Pickle has a great piece on how the WWE is going to investigate the long-term effect of concussions on its referee's, a move applauded by referee Mike Chioda who was knocked out 450 times last year alone. Sports Pickle rules.

If the NFL saw fit to keep anything that could be remotely controversial off the Super Bowl after the Janet Jackson nipple shield a few year's back, what are they going to do if it ends up being an Indianapolis and Minnesota final? Seriously, is there anyone that could stomach the verbal felatio of both teams QB's?

What do the three worst teams in the NHL have in common? All are coached by either a current or a former Toronto Maple Leafs coach. No, seriously. Paul Maurice has coached the Carolina Hurricanes to 35 points, Edmonton has 37 points under Pat Quinn, and the Leafs sit at 41 under Ron Wilson.

If someone like Terrell Owens went mental on a teammate the way Peyton Manning does on Jeff Saturday here in this video, he'd be crucified. But St. Peyton gets a pass because He's Just Such A Competitor.

Another day of Premier League action saw Chelsea hammer Sunderland 7-2 while Manchester United kept pace with a 3-0 win over Burnley. Up at 11am today on The Score are lowly Bolton taking on Arsenal. Should get ugly for the Wanderers.


BronxBomber said...

Absolute money:

MARLONLWAYANS #dallas Tony romo been waiting til january to play like december. He got his period late.
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hi said...

Romo got sacked six a playoff game.