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Friday, January 22, 2010

Jets curse themselves?

If you believe in karma, then the New York Jets could be in a world of trouble having produced and set this ad to the right live on their website.

There are 24 players from the Indianapolis Colts, NY Jets, Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints on the Pro Bowl rosters as they currently stand, so safe to say a nothing game is being devalued more as players from two of those teams will be committed to the Super Bowl which is now after the Pro Bowl. Just kill it, NFL. Out of its misery. After all, Tom Brady pulled out due to injuries for the AFC, the first alternate Ben Roethlesberger declined, and that led to an invite to Phillip Rivers who passed and now Vince Young is starting. Now, young came on strong but I don't think "Pro Bowl" for a guy who had all of 10 TD's and played only 10 games.

Something for those that get too wound up about when guys get into the Hall of Fame, or not getting in the first time they're eligible: Joe DiMaggio finished 8th in voting his first year of eligibility, and was declined. In fact, he didn't get in until his third year. Crazy, but true.

Air Canada lost the Stanley Cup earlier in the week. Lord Stanley's Mug was to travel from New Jersey to Vancouver for a charity event, and instead ended up in Toronto. This marked the first time in 43 years that the Stanley Cup has come to Toronto, when not being returned directly to the Hall of Fame.

John Clayton at takes a peak at the top quarterbacks of all-time. He's got the Old Has Been poised to leap to number four ahead of John Elway if he manages a second Super Bowl win this year. Plainly, no. Sure the Old Has Been has a million records, and his longevity is surely impressive, but he's hardly been a playoff stalwart over the years, not to the extent Elway was. He also has him ranked ahead of Tom Brady (#7) and Peyton Manning (#8), which blows my mind.

Matt Stairs, who some call "Fatt" Stairs, is looking to continue his big league career at age 41, and shed 31 pounds with Nutrisystem and playing senior hockey this winter. Impressive. What, you thought I'd suggest he was on the Pudge Rodriguez diet? grades all 30 NBA squads at the mid point of the season. Surprisingly, the Toronto Raptors check in with a B. I'd have given them a D. You know, to show that they've finally got some "D".

Is there a hockey player who is loving life in Los Angeles more than Jarrett Stoll? After dumping Rachel Hunter practically at the alter, he's now hooked up with Melrose Place hottie Katie Cassidy. Pics here.

Tiana Enhorning, a second year Kinesiology student at Western, made Sports Illustrated's Cheerleader of the Week.

Finally today, check out the Top 20 WWE/WWF divas over the year's. Stacey Keibler only at #8? Come on!

Have a great Friday.

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