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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hope you didn't file that contract with the league, Redskins.

In retrospect, perhaps I've been far too hard on the Dallas Cowboys this year as there has been a longer running joke of a franchise that continues to circle the toilet bowl with a particularly foul stench.  Who might that be?  The Washington Redskins, of course.  Just a few weeks after yanking Donovan McNabb down the stretch of a close game, they go and reward him with a $78 million extension ($40 million guaranteed).  Ridiculous.  But not as ridiculous as doing it on the same day that they then go out and get annihilated 59-28 against Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles.  Could've been a whole lot worse as the Eagles basically - wait for it! - called off the dogs midway through the third quarter.  Vick has to love the news of McNabb's deal, what with his own free agency coming up.  Also, it didn't take long for Terrell Owens to tweet out a dig at McNabb with last night's performance.

England manager Fabio Capello is urging his players to shun alcohol because of the effects it has on performance and shortening careers.  He knows these guys are English, right?  And that having a pint after work is all but a national requirement?

After the big collapse against Utah last week, LeBron James complained that maybe he, among others, were seeing too much playing time and it hurt their ability to close out games.  Of course, James is now arguing his comments seem to always get "turned out of character" - whatever that means.  My question is this: do you think Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant would ever complain about playing time and too much of it?

Tough run for yours truly in LV the last six days. Met UFCers Wanderlei Silva and Gray Maynard, sandwiched around rocker Sammy Hagar, and then bumped into Audrina Patridge, Lenny Kravitz and Norman Jewison at my hotel (the Wynn) before seeing Taylor Hawkins of my beloved Foo Fighters Sunday. Tough times these were not.

Manny Pacquiao pitched a shutout in Dallas on Saturday night when he caved in Antonio Margarito's face over 12 rounds, winning each. Margarito's face was a mess, and he suffered a broken orbital bone and was allowed to continue fighting.  Smart move, boxing.  The win gives Pacquiao one more win at Texas Stadium than the Dallas Cowboys in this calendar year.

The Dallas Cowboys just can't get it right. With the season all but certainly over and a high draft pick preferable to 5-11 and a lower one, they go out and smoke the New York Giants 33-20 to give new head coach Jason Garrett his first win in as many tries.  That said, if they pull anyone as good as Dez Bryant anywhere in the first round, they'll be happy. Bryant is a man among kids. 

The Miami Dolphins started Chad Pennington at quarterback when they beat the Tennessee Titans.  Might that have something to with Chad Henne throwing nine Favre's in the last five games?  Safe bet.

The Philadelphia Flyers are the latest team to throw out a ridiculous contract extension, signing Jeff Carter to an 11-year, $58 million deal.  Is there a fan anywhere that thinks these deals are a great idea?  So how can the GM's offering them?

Check out New York Giants fans brawling during their beating on Sunday.  The guy in the L.T. jersey (#56) is leaking badly. 

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