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Friday, November 19, 2010


After a 16-0 win at Miami, would you believe that there is no NFL team with more wins - albeit with an extra game played - than the Chicago Bears?

Have to say, I'm surprised that Felix Hernandez won the AL Cy Young award with so few wins, particularly when a player vote had him third.

Spread out over two parts (100-50 here, 49-1 here), check out the list of the 100 worse players in NFL history.  I'm sure JaMarcus Russell is thrilled to come in at #12 after being the first overall pick a few years back.  At least one player - CC Brown - isn't too happy to crack the list.

Been some time since we visited Straight Cash Homey, a look at odd jersey's in odd spots in the sporting world.  Well worth another look.

Joel Sherman at the NY Post says that the Texas Rangers hopes of holding on to Cliff Lee are fading fast and that even they seem to know it.

For those that are into that kind of stuff, the 19 best backsides in women's sports.

The second nominee for the FIFA Goal of the Year comes from Kumi Yokoyama of Japan's Under 17 women's side at the World Championships against North Korea.  Talk about taking a defence apart.

You resign Dwayne Wade, add LeBron James and bring in Chris Bosh.  Your media coverage couldn't possibly be higher.  But, if you're the Miami Heat, you still need to have a campaign to urge fans to show up to games on time.  Can't wait til their campaign in the playoffs to get LBJ and CB to show up.

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Unforgivable list omission . . . Tara Mueller: