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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Skinned in Washington

The New York Giants thrust themselves back into the playoff picture with a thorough dismantling of the Washington Redskins last night, 45-12. Wonder if Mike Shanahan is backing away from the negotiating table after that one?

Johnny Damon hosted Monday Night Raw last night. Guess that's the best deal his agent Scott Boras could swing him after overplaying his hand thinking he'd pull another four year deal out of the New York Yankees and they moved on. Don't want to crack on Damon too badly - he'll always be one of my fav players.

You know what's annoying? Those half page ads that newspapers have covering half of the front page. Just check out the Toronto Star someday. Lame.

I get that in the NBA that rallies happen, but they shouldn't happen if you're up 35 in the third quarter no matter who you are and no matter who you're playing. But, the Chicago Bulls went and blew such a lead last night - at home! - to that powerhouse known as the Sacramento Kings.

In a blast from the past, the Yankees are about to add another workhorse to their rotation, allegedly dealing - again - for Javier Vazquez, a guy I long ago said they never should've dealt when they decided to keep that plank Kevin Brown over J.V. There is also talk of Josh Johnson in the mix, who would be about my fav Christmas present this year. Not sure how much you all follow the Florida Marlins, but Johnson is a man.

Frequent contributor T.S. responded to my query as to why Derek Jeter wasn't at Curtis Granderson's presser but A-Rod and CC Sabathia were by saying they couldn't or wouldn't accommodate his schedule. My reply: the Yankees know who really carries the freight.

Check out Hannah Storm whoring it up. Cougariffic.

If you're wondering, yes, RM will be going straight through the holiday season, occasionally impeded by hangovers or family proceedings, but will definitely be up daily.

Back tomorrow, have a great Tuesday.


gbvh said...

Never mind those Star ads.
You should have seen the one in the Globe last week.
It was a Vancouver 2010 Olympic section.
There was a headline across the top of the front page ... and the opening three words of a story.
At that point it was cut off and the rest of the page -- about 80 per cent of it, total -- was an ad for a camera company.
Not removable either ... like, on the actual page.

Cash is king unfortunately. More than ever.

gbvh said...

...and speaking of. halladay bought a full-page ad in today's sun to say thanks to the people of toronto.