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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

A Merry Christmas to all, or whatever it is you're celebrating today.

Not a tonne going in the sporting world today, but the NBA as always has some juicy matchups at the ready. Up today are five games, including Cleveland visiting the LA Lakers in what should be a dandy. That one goes at 2:30 on ABC. The rest of the games here.

The NFL gives us a game tonight, with San Diego visiting Tennessee. Kickoff there is 7:30. With San Diego having their division wrapped up and traveling across the country to play on Christmas Day, and Tennessee desperately needing a win, you have to like the Titans today at -3.

Seems Manchester City didn't take into account one important factor when they axed manager Mark Hughes last weekend: that the players may revolt. Welcome to Manchester, Roberto Mancini. Good luck.

Chelsea/Germany midfielder Michael Ballack weighs in on who he feels are the World Cup favs next year. He lists Brazil, Italy, England and France as favs and ranks them ahead of his own squad. Normally, I find such honesty refreshing, but you know with Ballack it was delivered with total smugness.

The LA Clippers #1 pick in last year's draft is a step closer to returning and making his debut - does that make sense? Can't wait to see Blake Griffin take his game to the big leagues. Shame about the whole Clipper thing, though.

Rick Reilly at ESPN The Magazine does an overview of the Tiger Woods fiasco of the last month or so. Solid read. He cites Tiger's legendary cheapness as a main cause.

Jersey Shore sound board? Hell yes I want that.

And finally on this day, the 40 Hottest WAGs of 2009.

Have a great Christmas.

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