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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Battle of the Brutal

Guess Shannon Brown of the LA Lakers wasn't aware that cameras were rolling when he was busy getting changed last night.

The Minnesota T-Wolves and New Jersey Nets faced each other last night in the swamps of Jersey. Their records entering were a combined 7-50. Attendance was listed at 10,204 but if you saw the "hilites", there's no way it was even half that.

The Cleveland Browns are looking into whether Eric Mangini violated terms of his contract so they can fire him and save paying out the remainder of his salary. Would it shock anyone if they kept him on to save the cash if they find they don't have cause, other than him being a terrible coach, of course?

After losing on Sunday, New York Jet coach Rex Ryan figured his team was out of the playoff hunt, only to be informed later they weren't. Donovan McNabb Not Knowing Games Can End In A Tie thinks that's ridiculous.

Another Top 10 goals of the year from the soccer world. Never get tired of these.

Manny Pacquiao/Floyd Mayweather could be off as Manny is refusing to undergo a full drug test within 30 days of the fight, as demanded by Money May. Manny cites superstition as a reason to not do it. In this day and age, does anybody buy that? Take the test, make your $40-$50 million. Thanks to ROTR for that piece.

Check out these 10 quickest and funniest knockouts from the MMA and boxing worlds. Awesome stuff. #4 is still my fav.

Have a great Christmas Eve, and yes, back in the morning.

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