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Monday, December 21, 2009

A bevy of lists give us their Top 10 Sports Moments for 2009. Pretty heavily North American influenced, but take it for what it is. Not sure how Chicago White Sock Mark Buehrle's no hitter and the catch by Dwayne Wise that kept it alive wasn't included.

Dave Feschuk
at the Toronto Star takes another of his regular digs - and deservedly so - at the Toronto Raptors. The bright light for the squad is they played 30 games in 53 days, tops in the NBA, and then next 30 will be spread over 74 days. In other Raptors news, they're ready to show such love for their fans that they've declared February 3rd's game against the New Jersey Nets as "Fan Night" and are even rolling in - wait for it! - Vanilla Ice for entertainment. What, MC Hammer wasn't available?

Toronto Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopolous has already managed to do something his predecessor JP Ricciardi never did: have a back and forth with fans where he doesn't smugly talk down to them. A long but good read.

The Denver Broncos/Oakland Raiders game yesterday was stopped for a time because of fans were using lasers on players. Why is it I can't hear the word "laser" without thinking of Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame?

The Philadelphia Flyers are shopping Jeff Carter, and are said to have turned down a deal with the Montreal Canadiens for goalie Jaroslav Halak. If you're the Montreal Canadiens, you do that deal in a heartbeat.

Check out the NHL's Christmas video featuring Igor Larionov's daughter's and plenty of cameo's by players, who love to show that they can spell one word each on a piece of paper. Bryan McCabe even stretches and uses two words!

Here's Paul Lukas at ESPN's Page 2 with his look on how to fix the more annoying aspects of the NFL. Great stuff.

It isn't often a week goes by here without some appearance by WAGs, and this is no different. Today, we go and look at the 50 Hottest WAGs of the Decade.

The NFL Playoff picture is starting to come clearer after most of Week 15 was completed yesterday. Here's a peak at what the playoffs look like at the moment, including a Dallas visit to Philadelphia that would see those two teams playing back to back games. How ugly would that Week 17 game be if both teams are trying to not show the other their tricks? Some wild games yesterday, including Pittsburgh's last gasp win over Green Bay, a deluge of points in a Cleveland win over Kansas City, and a last second win by Tennessee. What was a bigger upset - Dallas beating New Orleans, or Carolina beating Minnesota? I'm thinking Dallas, largely because I don't believe Minnesota is that good and it is The Old Has Been in December.

Have a great Monday.

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