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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

A few technical issues cost me a good chunk of today's RM. Here it is, take 2, in addition to the below entry.

Is it too late to throw Phillip Rivers into the MVP discussion? Rivers was dynamite in leading his San Diego Chargers to another December win. Shocked the Tennessee Titans were pounded 52-17 like that at home. It would not shock me to see the Bolts in the Super Bowl.

The big free agent signing of last off-season, Albert Haynesworth, is tired of the Washington Redskins system and their losing ways and wants out. He was also sent home for disciplinary reasons this week. Just the kind of thing I like to see around a team with my Dallas Cowboys set to visit tomorrow.

The LA Clippers are 8-1 against Minnesota, Golden State, Memphis, Philadelphia and Washington and 4-16 against everyone else, including 1-10. against teams above .500.

The LA Lakers were crushed at home last night by the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Lakers fans were so in the Christmas mood that they pelted the court late in the game with foam fingers and at least one water bottle. Classy.


gbvh said...

Holy empty seats at this Czech-Sweden game.
Would have thought that in a place like Sask., a game with two big names would be packed.
Also, it's not like there is a million games ... why would they overlap this one with the Canada one?

gbvh said...

4-0 canada first period.

either get a mercy rule, or pare this tournament down to, like, three teams haha.