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Monday, December 28, 2009

NFC comes clear, AFC not so much

The playoff picture became a little clearer in the NFC at least, with Dallas and Green Bay locking up their spots to settle the field of six, and the New York Giants flaming out spectacularly in losing 41-9 to the Carolina Panthers in their last home game at Giants Stadium. What were the New Orleans Saints doing losing to Tampa Bay? I know the Saints have little to play for, but that's ridiculous. Check out Saints owner Tom Benson celebrating what he thought was the game winning field goal for his team, only to see it go wide.

In the AFC, the New York Jets stayed alive with a 29-15 win over previously unbeaten Indianapolis, who decided it was a good idea to take Peyton Manning out of the game with lots to of time on the clock and a mere 15-10 lead. The Jets scored 19 from then on, the Colts nada. Does Giants Stadium now become Jets Stadium for a week? They're the only team that will play there again after all. Should the Jets beat Cincinnati next week, they're in among a pack of 8-7 teams at the moment, including Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Houston and formerly 6-0 Denver.

Memo to Tony Romo: I believe again.

Real Madrid have targeted Sergio Aguero, David Villa and Wayne Rooney for future acquisitions. I think I'd cry if they picked up Rooney, who is my fav player in the game. Maybe they've figured out that it was Rooney who made Ronaldo as good as he was the past couple seasons? Rooney was dynamite in yesterday's 3-1 win for Manchester United over Hull City, including an incredible pass through a defenders legs to Dimitar Berbatov.

Hard to imagine there are many better players in the world today than Cesc Fabregas. He scored a pair of beauties yesterday for Arsenal as they downed Aston Villa 3-0.

China has instituted a karaoke monitoring system to alert authorities when inappropriate songs are being played. That ought to be put in place everywhere.

The sporting world is about to get a big jolt in the near future when TMZ Sports launches. This is gonna be great.

Here's an idea for the World Junior Hockey Championships to prevent 16-0 jokes that do nothing for anybody when you count +/- as a tiebreaker. Have goals against elevated above that. Seriously - why not reward a team that keeps the total against down, something a good team can control, to save from the game becoming a joke? Far more sporting, that's for certain. Canada faces Switzerland today.

Have a great Monday. It is Monday, right?


YF said...

I've been laying down picks on Morency Sports so I figure I'll lay them down here. 8/15 since I been tracking so today I'm going: Lakers (Pick), Nuggets -1, Vikings/Bears Over 41.

Rooney, fresh off a new deal is the highest paid EPL player. He won't be going anywhere anytime soon but there is trouble in paradise in Madrid as they are looking to get rid of Benzema.

Am I the only one that thinks Raptors playing 1pm on Sunday is the worst idea ever?

bigheadedjerk said...

That Tom Benson reaction was golden. Tampa winning a couple of games quietly to end the season, with the last place sched and added stud from the draft, they'll be around .500 next season...

TB said...

Good point on Rooney YF, but you know that ownership is carrying huge debt loads and nothing would shock me. Maybe I'm just paranoid cuz I love the guys game.

Not sure why you're against Raps on Sunday's at 1...they've got a really good record over the years at that time thanks to the visitors likely spending late nights visiting the Blue Collar Ballet.

hi said...

@YF: What's so wrong with the Raptors playing on 1pm? Granted, very few of us are awake at that hour, but that just saves us from the time we would be otherwise wasting if it was on another time that's actually watch-able. Now, if the Raptors weren't nearly as terrible, it might be a different story. Luckily, we won't witness the different story for another while.

Ronaldo does not need anybody to be good. Ronaldo began carrying that thing they call Real Madrid on his back the moment his transfer was completed. Sergio Aguero, David Villa, and Wayne Rooney are good players, but I don't think their problem lies on the lack of suitable forwards. It's cliche, but I think they would be fine without all the injuries and a retarded coach.

YF said...

TB, great point though players like Demar are always bitching about it on twitter though it is a clear advantage.

Hi, the more I think about it, you're right. Up against NFL, their ratings must take a nasty hit. I just don't know anyone that watches 1pm Sunday Raptor games religiously except for a few fans. I've gotten 3 pairs of Sunday tix this season and it's been a chore offloading them (for free never the less)

gbvh said...

Hey YF,
Gotta say ... I really enjoyed your reply to the guy who started Bitch About Scalpers Thread No. 2,000 at the RPB board.


(Literally laughed out loud.)

gbvh said...