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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Classic? Really?

Rashad Evans and Thiago Silva meet in a key light heavyweight matchup tonight at UFC 108 where one of them will suffer the second loss of their career. Hard not to like Rashad, methinks. The rest of the card isn't loaded with big names, but those usually end up being the best fights. That goes tonight at 10pm.

A strange weekend for the English Premier League. After a flurry of games the past three weeks, the fixture list is empty until January 5th. What to do?

Considering no wideout this year has put up over 70 yards on the New York Jets lock-down corner Darrelle Revis - not Randy Moss, not Steve Smith, not anybody - Cincinnati Bengal Chad Ochocinco is talking a big game for Sunday night. Should he manage a TD on Revis, #85 is planning to jump on somebody's shoulder like famed Jet's fan "Fireman Ed" and work the crowd on a "O-C-H-O, Ocho, Ocho, Ocho!" chant. How awesome is that idea? Hope it happens, but with Revis, odds are it won't.

Do pictures of yourself from New Year's Eve have you embarrassed? It could be worse, you could be a celeb. Check out these 50 fine drunken looks.

Shame on me for not going with a Washington "Bullets" joke yesterday in the Gilbert Arenas discussion. If proven true, you have to figure the Wizards look to
void his large, very bad contract. More details are emerging on the incident and it occurred over a card game on a plane two days prior. Well at least they're not going overboard.

Shouldn't the NHL stop calling the annual outdoor game the "Winter Classic" until it actually has, you know, a classic game or two? Another snoozer yesterday, won by the Boston Bruins 2-1 in overtime. Still, an awesome atmosphere, but how lame was the "Sweet Caroline" bit? I'd have rather seen Dennis Leary up there singing "Asshole", dedicated to Gary Bettman.

After LaMarr Woodley of the Pittsburgh Steelers talked of how the Cincinnati Bengals would lay down, Bengal Tank Johnson fired back - get it? - and telling Woodley to mind his own business, and reminding him the Bengals didn't lie down against the Steelers twice this year. Still, speculation is the Indianapolis Colts pulled their starters last week to help keep the Steelers out of the playoff rest them.

The NFL Competition Committee is going to look into the resting of players issue. Nonsense, I say. If a team is in a spot to rest players, they've earned it. The rest of the teams can't count on another to do their work for them if they haven't taken care of business themselves. As hot as Indianapolis Colts fans have been over giving up a shot at going perfect, they'll quickly forget it with a win in Miami on February 7th.

The U.S. Olympic hockey team was announced yesterday with no major production, no iron grip on the media of the nation, and little fanfare. They've got a very interesting team put together, and a new generation of players for the most part with the old horses - Mike Modano, Keith Tkachuk, etc. - on the outside. Wonder if Chris Chelios was figuring on an invite?

Toronto Blue Jay Edwin Encarnacion was hospitalized after a firework blew up in his face. Imagine that - a Blue Jay having something blow up in his face? It is usually May when that happens. Hit this!

Have a great Saturday.

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BronxBomber said...

We watch United knock Leeds out in the FA cup tomorrow. Going to be one hell of a game as those 2 go a longggg ways back and it's so intense that they've had to shut the Leeds forum down which is undergoing a criminal investigation. It's going to be one hell of a match.