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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loads of NFL stuff, Pens BUSted

With their team bus stuck en route to Buffalo in heavy snow, do you think a single player got out to help the coaching staff push the thing? Incredible. I know hockey players bill themselves as the most regular of athletes, but wasn't it the Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens who helped shovel out the field in Baltimore a couple weeks ago so they could play? Boo, Pens. The Sabres ended up beating the Pens 4-3.

With New England Patriots QB Tom Brady nursing a shore shoulder, ribs, and finger, and his team locked into their playoff slot, coach Bill Belichick was asked if he has a philosophy on resting key players and came back with this gem: "yeah, absolutely...I do what's best for our football team. That's definitely my philosophy." Brilliant.

Check out Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant point production the last five games, four of which were on the road: 30-38-30-40-35. He has also scored 30-plus in 16 of his last 24 games, and just turned 21 three months ago. Meanwhile, the guy picked ahead of him in the draft - Greg Oden - is out for the year with another season ending injury. Portland, you got this one wrong.

As great as Adrian Peterson is, he has already fumbled 20 times in 988 touches in his three seasons for the Minnesota Vikings. Over the course of 15 years, Emmitt Smith fumbled 54 times on 4,924 touches. And don't kid yourself, Smith played on some terrible teams in his early years and late. Thanks to TS for that stat.

Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable throws out the suggestion that JaMarcus Russell killed the Raiders season. Right, because the circus of the head coach busting an assistant's jaw and having allegations of beating his wife was good for the team.

B. Kennedy sends this gem on hockey fights: if fighting is part of the game, why don't coaches spend time drilling it and teaching it? Why are there no instructional videos on how to fight? But, I guess that diving is also part of the game and it isn't practiced or drilled, presumably. Funny that Hockey Fan gets up in arms at talk of the former not being part of the game but objects to the latter. At least the latter happens with the clock moving.

Four teams are still alive for the No. 2 seed in the NFC. Here's how it breaks down.

The New York Mets finally made a move of significance yesterday, inking left fielder Jason Bay to a 4 year, $66 million deal. Not sure how much Bay will enjoy going from the smallest outfield to perhaps the biggest with wonky knees and an arm Johnny Damon doesn't even envy. Expect his offence to suffer plenty. But hey, at least he can give the Mets the book on Roy Halladay! Lee Jenkins at likes the move for the Mets.

Tracey McGrady's days in Houston are finally done. One might say he's got an eye on the exit and the other somewhere else, even. Not content playing small minutes in nothing situations, T-Mac has parted ways with the club and they're looking to deal him. Interesting and shocking fact: T-Mac is the highest paid player in the NBA.

Four ESPN analysts joined Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio and at various times called the Dallas Cowboys the class of the NFC, and the most complete team in all aspects in the league. Not sure what those statements mean, other than the tide turns quick in the NFL.

The Indianapolis Colts are selling how they're not concerned with streaks and are looking to win the Super Bowl. Does that mean Peyton Manning's streak of never having missed a start comes to an end with a nothing game Sunday? Doubtful.

The New York Jets could slide into the playoffs with two wins over teams resting players: Indy last week and Cincinnati this. If the Bengals see the right results Sunday afternoon, they'll pull some key names for Sunday night.

And another thing: why don't all the teams play at the same time in Week 17 to prevent teams getting this kind of advantage like the Bengals and Jets are getting?

Not sure how two Cleveland Browns make the Pro Bowl, but no Cincinnati Bengals. Not even Cedric Benson? Save for missing a couple games, I'd think he'd be an MVP contender so to not make the Pro Bowl is meaningless. Jim Trotter at looks at other omissions. Good news for The Old Has Been: he made the Pro Bowl as a back up to Drew Brees. Better news for the The Old Has Been: with the New Orleans Saints a legit contender, he may get the start now that the game is being played the week before the Super Bowl.

Have a great Wednesday.


rotr said...

I'm so happy to have something to read that isn't all hype about the Team Canada announcement. Talk about overkill. TheFAN is burning my ears today.

All the best in the New Year TB, GBVH, TS, BK, YF, BigHeadJ, bukkake, norway, hi et. al

TB said...

GBVH, had to delete the NY Day thread - not sure why the pre-work showed. I wondered the same about the Pens bus and why the bastards didn't at least get off it.

BronxBomber, you screwed me up with that screen name - I run a giant NFL pool with that same name and wondered why someone was using it to post to my blog. Funny. Love the blog, and will be following.

TB said...

ROTR, a Happy 2010 to you in advance, and the rest of you too. I'll be on tomorrow for the last entry of the year.

BronxBomber said...

YF was taken so I had to go with something else. Thanks for the love. I've had many requests over the last few month and I figure it's time to stick it on a blog.

Portsmouth in trouble:

Amazed at all the hype around this Olympic squad BS. I knew it was going to be bad but holy shit it's terrible.

ROTR said...

Ha! Didn't know that was YF. Guess I'll have another bookmark, sweet. The drinking and gambling is starting tonight and running for a few days. Liking the Knicks -2.5 and NOH +1

BronxBomber said...

Hornets fucked me over last night. I had em at +6. They were down 8 with 9 secs left. They score so I believe it's 100-106 with something like 2.3 secs left. Some dumb ass decides to foul. Your down 6 with 2.3 secs left what the fuck are you doing. Lost the push by 2 points.

gbvh said...

i made sure the FAN590 wasn't on for even one second yesterday.

if i say i'd laugh inside if canada doesn't win gold, does that make me a bad man?

happy ny and stuff. all!

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch Oklahoma City Thunder, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.