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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last entry of the decade

Well, at least yesterday's coverage of The Announcement of Canada's Men's Olympic Hockey Team For Vancouver 2010 wasn't ridiculous and overdone. End sarcasm. Tiger Woods could have been in the middle of a battle with H1N1 and banged the Queen on Parliament Hill with Osama bin Laden ready to tag in and it wouldn't have got a mention yesterday in the media. Sad, really.

One prominent baseball source says if the Minnesota Twins don't re-up with catcher Joe Mauer before he hits free agency, it could cost $30 million to do so with both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox anxious to ink the three time batting champion. lists the Top 10 new stadiums of the past decade, with photos of course. Definitely some lookers in the bunch.

Here are the Quotes of the Year, and there just happens to be 25 of them.

Concerned with what kind of environment they could have on their hands with a playoff birth on the line, and a night game to host it, the New York Jets will not be selling booze at the last regular season game at Giants Stadium this Sunday night. Great idea, now people will just drink that much more before going in. They best hope there isn't a snowfall or fans will have two hands free to launch some snowballs.

Baseball America lists the Top 20 MLB prospects going into 2010. Good news for you Toronto Blue Jay fans who dominate the readership here, Kyle Drabek, acquired in the Roy Halladay deal, made the grade at #16. The bad news: one guy they were looking to deal for - Jesus Montero, in the Yankee system - ranked #5.

There are a lot of athletes with some impressive dating resume's. Here are the top 10. For me, Brad Penny, Andy Roddick and Tom Brady are the winners, though Brady lags behind for what Tara Reid has become. Derek Jeter has a helluva list, but you already knew that.

Not only could a capless year result in spending gone wild in 2010 for the NFL's teams, it could also result in teams bottoming out their payroll too with no minimum in play. Don't kid yourself folks, the only way a cap works for parity purposes is if there is a floor. The lack of a labor deal will also make it tougher for free agents to move. Must read stuff here.

Former Pittsburgh Steeler's coach Bill Cowher has expressed interest in the head coaching job in Buffalo and really, could there be a better fit than the iron-willed blue collar Cowher in that town? That team needs a name like that badly after year's of ineptitude.

Five straight wins for the Toronto Raptors now after they beat Charlotte 107-103, all minus Jose Calderon. Interestingly, and not coincidentally, they've also shown shards of defence in the process.

The San Jose Sharks became the first NHL team since 1982 to score two penalty shot goals in the same game. Wow your friends tonight with that bit of trivia.

So Mike Leach was finally turfed from Texas Tech after locking a concussed player in a dark room for three hours. Word is that Under Armour, who make their uniforms, is developing a glow in the dark jersey to honour the occasion. I kid.

Finally, best wishes for a Happy 2010 to all of you. Most importantly tonight, do not drink and drive. Catch you on the flipside.


BronxBomber said...

Texas Tech went to work quick. Not sure who I believe. All accounts have said the kid was a drama queen and a trouble maker from the start.

Then again what Leach did was crazy and irrational. Why not cut him?

bukkake said...

A couple of comments today...

For the Top 10 Stadiums of the decade, I have been to both #9 Qwest Field (Seattle) and #6 Reliant Stadium (Houston) and I can say in all honesty that Reliant does not even compare to Qwest. Reliant is unspectacular. Period. The roof was up the game we saw and if you want to judge domes I would say I enjoyed the aging but renovated Superdome in NOLA more than Reliant. Reliant is nice, just not outstanding and definitely not worthy of this list.

My comment regarding Mike Leach; welcome back to obscurity Texas Tech... weve been waiting for you to come back these past 4 years!

Happy New Year to quote the immortal Maurice Clarrett, it's time to get my Goose on.

gbvh said...

Front the top right hand corner of the front page of sports in yesterday's Star. In big font. Shit you not:

The Team Canada announcement will air live at noon on CBC, TSN, Sportsnet, CTV, OLN, OMNI, ATN, CP24, CTV News Channel, A Channel, NHL Network, APTN and FAN 590.

Not making this up.