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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Old Has Been Knows All, Or So He Thinks

Good of the Toronto Star to run numbers "for the 30" MLB teams payrolls for 2009 but only include 23 teams in actuality. They trying to make the Jays stipend look low-end when it is really middle, even with a nearly 15% cut from 2008?

Talk about what comes around, goes around. The New York Yankees traded Javier Vazquez in 2004 after he gave up that game 7 grand-slam to then Boston Red Sock Johnny Damon. Vazquez was acquired in a trade for Nick Johnson, whose signing by the Yanks last week likely means the end of Damon's stay in The Bronx. Seems like that great movie Crash, no? With the Vazquez move, and the Sox loading up, Ken Rosenthal at Fox Sports says the rest of the East should just pack it in. Well, duh.

Speaking of Boston, the ice is down at Fenway Park for the Winter Classic that will see the Philadelphia Flyers face the Boston Bruins. Check out the time lapse vid here. And why is it time lapse vids are always playing banjo's in the background?

If anyone can explain why people are generally pricks at this time of year if you're out and about, I'd love to hear it. People act like they're the only ones that have things to get done and places to be.

Snow + Philadelphia Eagles Fan Spotting 49ers Fans In Their Midst = Good times. Check out these two 49er fans getting pelted on Sunday. They hung in their longer than Ben Roethlesberger hangs in the face of a pass rush.

Some serious work goes into making Jabulani, the official game ball of the World Cup 2010.

If you have 27 kids, your first name can only be Philander, no? Yep, Philander Rodman. That's a name a porn star should have. And yes, Dennis is but one.

SI gives us their top 20 male athletes of the decade. Absolute hilarity that Derek Jeter ranks ahead of Alex Rodriguez here, that's the first list I've seen Jeter rank in the top 20 on and never ahead of A-Rod.

The Old Has Been figures not only should he decide if and when he comes out of games, he should also decide how he runs the offence. Knock me over with a feather, #4 thinks he knows more than everyone else?

Thanks for showing up, Oregon State.

Have a great Wednesday.


YF said...

I think the prick thing goes with the economy. Money is the biggest reason most people are pissed off this year just dreading the inevitable January visa bill or they didn't get the bonus they wanted. Skakel was on HSR last night and was saying how he gotta travel to Philly to please his lady friend and the hottest thing Philly has to offer is Bobby Clarke lol.

I'm 2-2 In Bowl games thus far and interesting to note every single one has gone over.

Kristian said...

You mean that movie about peoples destinies colliding together or the one about guys fucking eachother in the ass and getting off watching cars crash?

So SI did not have space enough in their ranking for a guy with 5 olympic gold medals, 14 world championship gold medals, 23 silver and bronze medals and 90 world cup victories. He got more podium finishes in his career than out of podium finishes! First biathlon athlete that has won a speicalized cross-country skiing event. I know the sport doesn't compare in revenue size to those other sports, but dude's been so dominant that only Tiger Woods can match him. (talking about Bjorndalen)