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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Big D visit The Big Easy

The NFL finds itself under pressure with tomorrow night's game - Dallas at New Orleans - buried on the NFL Network. Great idea, take one of your marquee teams, put them as the only game on a Saturday in December at a team most figured would be a contender and bury it on the NFL Network and have it turn out that one is fighting for its playoff life and the other is shooting for perfection. Sound familiar? Same thing happened two years ago when the New England Patriots were shooting for perfection on a Saturday when they visited the New York Giants. Of course, that isn't a problem in Canada, where the game airs regardless. I wouldn't bet the Cowboys to cover the +7 if you gave me the money. This one could get REAL ugly.

Tiger Woods made the cover of the New York Post yesterday for the 20th straight day, a record that surpassed something called "9-11". At least it isn't getting ridiculous. William Hill bookmakers are offering odds on how much Elin Nordegren will walk away with in the divorce settlement. Also yesterday came word that Tiger cut a deal with the National Enquirer in 2007 to keep pictures of him and a lady in a vehicle out of the rag.

The English Premier League sees its teams playing their third game in eight days today, and that means advantage to the big name teams as they generally have lots more depth. But with Liverpool already losing to last place Portsmouth, that theory could be seriously tested.

Remember the Philadelphia Phillies fan who offered to trade sex for World Series tickets? Come to find out she offered the two (undercover) cops a chance to "DP" her. Yep, double penetrate. Classy.

The Minnesota Wild had all their equipment torched in a fire in Ottawa. Are you like me, shocked that even fire would go near hockey gear without a HAZMAT suit? Somewhere, the crooks at Pro Line are getting ideas for a future ad.

Here's a quote:“If you made that big a mistake, you’ve got to come out and just be contrite, be honest and just tell the public that ‘I was wrong.’ Waiting a long time got a lot of people polarized. … If he would have come out earlier, he would’ve diffused a little more of it.” Subject: Michael Vick's handling of the story by not handling it after the dog fighting stories came to light. Who said it? Tiger Woods, back in 2007.

Have a great Saturday, see you tomorrow morning.

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