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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The big trade: who won?

The three players that the Toronto Blue Jays acquired for Roy Halladay are all former first round draft picks, for what it's worth. About the only thing analysts agree on in analyzing the deal is that the Seattle Mariners are definitely on the plus side of the trade. Could actually be a rare one where all three end up winning once all is said and done. That said, the Jays are on the riskiest end of it simply because young talent is so hit and miss. Here's Jayson Stark's take at Steve Simmons at the Toronto Sun offers up this great look at Halladay's time in Toronto.

In the 152 games last season played by Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal - the Big Four of the English Premier League - they combined to lose 17 games. This year, they've combined to lose 17 after a mere 63 games. There's another batch of EPL games going today as the busy Christmas season is now in full swing.

Rest easy, Toronto FC fans, the CFL has told the Argos that BMO Field is not suitable as a home for them. Something about too much atmosphere. But seriously, the Argos don't even have a lease at Rogers Centre. How hilarious would it be if they were shut out of there, too?

Check out New York Giant Terrell Thomas mocking Philadelphia Eagle Brent Celek when he was screaming for a penalty. Awesome.

The Oakland Raiders have signed QB JP Losman to a deal, because you can never have enough first round busts suiting up in black and silver.

Tiger's wife Elin is said to be ready to meet with a top divorce lawyer in California, and is targetting half of Eldrick's fortune. Tiger has been on the cover of the New York Post for 16 straight days. I'm sure he's thrilled by that coverage. In those 16 days, we've got one busted up Cadillac, four busted up teeth from a flying BlackBerry, at least 15 ladies he's had affairs with, allegations of prostitution, performance enhancing drugs, payoffs, lost sponsorship deals, and now possible divorce. Some guys don't achieve that in a lifetime. But fear not, Tiger, because Ron Artest has some advice for you. Ron Artest. Writes. Very. Poorly. is running a poll on the decade's biggest NBA draft bust. Good news, Raptors fans, Rafael Araujo is representing.

Beck's "Loser" gets the "literal video" treatment. If you've not seen these before, well worth a view.

Dallas Cowboys wideout Roy Williams might want to stay in his lane and not bate the New Orleans Saints by saying the Cowboys will show up on Saturday and win in The Big Easy. They're more likely to get annihilated, truth told. Hate that guy.

The always off side Tucker Max tweets: Oral Roberts dead @ 91. Survived by his brother Anal Roberts & sister Vaginal Roberts. His brother's an asshole and his sister's a cunt.

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B. Kennedy said...

On a serious note, Oral Roberts lived about 81 years too long, unfortunately. Another pure huckster using Christianity as a cash grab, and something tells me things aren't going so well for him right about now although I certainly don't take delight in that.