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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Halladay dealt

It seems a Roy Halladay trade is a done deal though Toronto Blue Jays GM says he`ll have nothing to say for a few days, which sounds like a signing window for Halladay has been opened. The deal would see Halladay off to Philadelphia, with three Phillies - outfielder Michael Taylor, catching prospect Travis d'Arnaud and pitcher Kyle Drabek -- moving to Toronto. Also, Cliff Lee moves from the Phillies and goes to the Seattle Mariners for pitching prospect Phillippe Aumont. There is also talk of $6 million moving to Philadelphia as the scenarios keep changing.

Prediction: the Blue Jays will average fewer attendees per game than Toronto FC and the Argos next season. Another: they`ll finish last in the AL East.

A great one from the Toronto Sun`s Gary Loewen on the Jays dealing of Halladay: ``It seems they have failed to insist that pitcher J.A. Happ be included in any trade. Y’know, so we could quit calling them the hapless Jays.``

John Lackey signed with the Boston Red Sox for five years and $87.5 million. Ought to be fun seeing two of the bigger pricks in the game - Lackey and Josh Beckett - on the same side. The Yankees backed off of Lackey because of health concerns, and his annual arm troubles the last two years. Interesting that Boston jumped but desperate teams do desperate things.

Spent the night at the Air Canada Centre last night taking in the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators. Not sure who was more asleep, the crowd or Senators centre - say that fast three times! - Jason Spezza. Not sure Spezza broke a sweat last night. Incredible how many empty seats there are in the lower bowl, saw at least five in a row empty in the golds where I was four times, pairs too many times to count, and plenty of private boxes sitting vacant. The Leafs were 3-2 winners in an incredibly dull game, and while they sit 13th in the Eastern Conference, they`re also a mere six points out of third, thanks to the NHL`s convoluted point system. And don`t look now, Habs fans, but they`re two points behind Les Glorieux with a game in hand. Hope Don Cherry loves the picture at right, with four guys rocking shields.

Olivia Munn in Maxim. You`re welcome.

Frequent reader and occasional contributor TS wonders why the goal posts in the NFL aren`t higher to give a better view on some close kicks. Hell of a question.

GBVH passes on speculation that a Macedonia and Canada soccer game was fixed recently. Check this out. If stories like this interest you, be sure to get this book.

The Dallas Cowboys experimented with their giant screen on Sunday and airing the game in 3D. Problem was it left fans nauseated, though some might say that was happening with or without the screen. No confirmation if a close-up of Norv Turner sent some scurrying for barf bags.

And now comes word that a doctor who was treating Tiger Woods has been busted for possessing and allegedly distributing performance enhancing drugs. This is just getting better by the minute.

1 comment:

drake said...

lol getting better and EASIER to rip on woods.

and the question isn't who's going to be number 2 for the jays anymore, who the hell is going to be number one? staying on the same track, is there ANY reason(if any was there before) to cheer for the jays?

no. just no lol..