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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two guys go to the cup

Another night, another loss well into double digits for the Toronto Raptors as they fell 118-99 in Orlando. 28 games in and they're 11-17. Is it too early to say the latest Bryan Colangelo version of the Raptors is a failure? Is it offside to say he's on the road to being JP Ricciardi, v2.0?

The Associated Press voted Tiger Woods the athlete of the decade, a particularly impressive feat for a guy who doesn't play a sport.

Could it be that the Philadelphia Flyers fortunes - losers of 11 of 14 - are a result of Jeff Carter banging Scott Hartnell's wife instead of banging home goals? That's one rumor coming out of the City of Brotherly Love.

Dom Bonvissutto at takes a peak at the playoff pretenders and contenders with three weeks to go in the NFL schedule. Check it out to find out which team he figures stays undefeated and which doesn't.

Next up for the Boston Red Sox: a trade for San Diego Padre Adrian Gonzalez. No clue why the Pads would trade a local boy and awesome player, other than they're the Padres and that's what they do.

The Houston Rockets are playing back to back games four times over the course of two weeks. Merry Christmas, Rockets!

St. Louis Cardinals third baseman David Freese was caught driving under the influence and blew a mere .232, exactly 100 points below his career batting average, albeit in only 17 games. Tool.

Check out this listing of the 40 Hottest Female Athletes of the Decade.

ESPN ranks the Top 100 baseball players of the decade, and have there ever been some incredible players this decade. You too can vote for your top guys here.

The NHL is looking to do a pair of Winter Classics next year, one New Year's Day as has been the recent tradition, and adding one on "Hockey Day in Canada" in February in Canada.

Toronto FC's Amado Guevara has left the team and signed with a club in his homeland of Honduras. With him having a less than great history with new TFC coach Preki, this is hardly surprising.

The Buffalo Bills have signed free agent Richie Incognito, which led to the injured BillsKawika Mitchell tweeting this gem linebacker : "BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT THIS YR. THE GUYS A BUM. DIRTY AND ALWAYS WILL BE. REALLY WISH I WAS PLAYIN RITE NOW. SERIOUSLY... I KNO WE'RE N NEED OF OLINE BUT THIS GUY SUKS BALLS." Lovely stuff.

Have a great Thurday.


drizzzydrake said...

LOL @ THAT TWEET. oh man, that was golden. i love reading shit like that

honestly, the raptors should throw away the idea of defense now since nobody can do it, and just freaking outscore their opponents. screw the D, just outscore your opponents.

but it seems scoring is a problem too since we havent hit 100 in two games.....

YF said...

Vitti cut today, 600k off the books.

B. Kennedy said...

Not too early to write the Raptors off. The only question is what will they do with Bosh: keep him for now and sign and trade him in the offseason, or trade him now in a package with either Jose or Turkoglu to free up cap?