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Sunday, July 11, 2010

The heart says Holland, but the head says Spain.  Who to take?  Well, Holland enter the World Cup Final with a record 6 wins in the tournament, a first.  Spain enter looking like they finally found their dominant ways of Euro 2008 based on their performance in the semi-finals against Germany, a 1-0 Spanish win.  Spain have struggled to score goals all tourney long, 1-0 winners whenever they've won, despite creating piles of chances.  Holland on the other hand have scored multiple goals in every game but one.  Spain are the more experienced side, but have counted on late goals to win more often than not.  Holland have scored some lucky goals to be sure, but have looked comfortable in every game.  Who wins?  Again, the heart says Holland, the head says Spain.  Taking Spain.

The Toronto Blue Jays are 5-14 against the AL East's Big Three.  Fire up the "move to the Central" movement anytime you're ready, Jays Fan.

Wesley Sneijder and David Villa sit tied with Thomas Mueller and Diego Forlan for the golden boot with five goals apiece.  Only the first two have a shot to break the log jam in today's game.

Drinking game for the World Cup Final: everytime they mention in the broadcast, and it'll mostly be in the unimaginative pre-game and half-time shows, that we'll be seeing a first time winner, have a drink.  You'll be trashed by the half.

Brock Lesnar's next title defence will be at UFC 121 in Anaheim on October 23rd where he'll face Cain Velasquez.  That's gonna be a bad ass fight.

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gbvh said...

Who was the bigger bitch in Sunday's final?

Robben or Iniesta?