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Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain triumph

The World Cup Final was a chippy one, crossing the line into dirty several times.  One might argue Nigel De Jong's kick to the chest of a Spanish player was the worst moment, and while that should've been a red card, I'm not entirely sure it was the worst thing I saw on the day.  My "dirtiest" was the great Spanish midfielder Andres Iniesta diving twice down the stretch, the first screaming like he was cut in two when he was untouched by Gregory Van Der Wiel, and the second got John Heitinga sent off with 11 minutes to go in extra time.  Of course, minutes later, Iniesta scored the winner and Spain are the World Champions.  I thought Spain were the better team on the day, but Holland had the better chances and could've easily stole the game.

Wow, at least the Miami Heat introduction of the The Three DB-gos wasn't ridiculous.  Video here. And in the spirit of Miami, will LeBron change the baby-powder-in-the-air ritual he does pre-game to use cocaine?  I'm interested to see who comes out last in the pre-game introductions.  Memo to Chris Bosh: fear not, it won't be you.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer has a look into how the deals to bring Bosh and LeBron came to be.  Well worth your time, though you may feel the need to shower after from the sliminess of it all.

If you're wondering what was on Iniesta's shirt that he showed off after scoring, it read: "Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros" - Dani Jarque is always with us.  Jarque is the former Espanyol captain who died of a heart attack last year at 26.  Speaking of shirts, not sure how I feel about Spain changing into red jersey's with a gold star on it - to indicate a World Cup winner - in time for the trophy presentation.  Seems a bit cheesy, no?

Love how Deadspin has declared Bobbi Eden the biggest winner in yesterday's World Cup final for being able to remove her name from the "Jaw Transplant List" now that she's off the hook for hummers to all her Twitter followers.

I don't always agree with every move that Toronto Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo makes, but he does have a knack for eliminating a problem in short order and moving on, as he just did in moving Hedo Turkoglu to the Phoenix Suns.

Maybe the Texas Rangers missed that career 7.62 ERA that Cliff Lee has pitching at The Ballpark in Arlington, and he was shelled for three homers and six runs in a loss Saturday in his Rangers debut.

Surprised the guy that jumped from the stands and tried to do something to the World Cup trophy yesterday didn't get more play here.  Check this out:


gbvh said...

Met a few Clevelanders on the weekend.
I could barely get out the "Le" in Lebron before they all freaked out like I just stole their beer or something.
I'm talking violently pissed off.

hi said...

You don't find that ridiculous?

Joe said...

Oh my Lord that video is embarrassing.

gbvh said...

Ridiculous that they're mad Lebron left?
Can't say I am......